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Mobile Phone Bingo

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The future of mobile bingo games is a much talked about topic among avid bingo players. Undoubtedly playing bingo on your mobile phone is much easier than staying glued to a computer screen.  With the rising popularity of mobiles and its various applications trying to make everything in the world fit into that pocket of yours – mobile bingo sites are no exceptions! Many online bingo halls are quizzing themselves on the option of going mobile. The reasons behind so much of thinking are the advantages and disadvantages attached to playing bingo or no deposit bingo for real money on your mobile phone.

When we hear of mobile bingo games, the first thing that comes to mind is that they can be played anywhere, anytime – on park bench, on a bus or anywhere when you are bored. Another advantage of cell phone bingo games is that it allows you to play with friends and fire up a game of bingo anytime when you are out for dinner, and waiting for your food. Friends can join in for a game of bingo and win some exciting jackpots like at Gone Bingo. But, before going any further into the mobile gaming world, there are a few more things to consider. The technology that needs to be used to enable you to play bingo on your mobile phone has to be more advanced.

Quality is of paramount importance when discussing mobile bingo games. After all, mobiles are not made for playing bingo games, and it cannot be expected that the phone companies while certainly make their mobile phones hi-tech, enabling users to play games on them. But, you never know. However, there are some companies that have launched mobile phone bingo sites that can be played on iPhone or Blackberry.

With iphone bingo games, you can now have fun playing bingo on mobile anytime anywhere. Just log on and join in with thousands of other players playing for fun or to win real cash prizes. There are several iPhone bingo applications and android casino apps available that enable users to play bingo or casino on their mobile and win exciting jackpots anytime, anywhere, even while on the go. You can download the bingo applications online from the App Store and play the same bingo games on your mobile phone and win attractive cash prizes.

With a large number of iPhone users turning to mobile bingo games, the market now exhibits a greater demand for more such mobile enabled sites to be launched. Exciting mobile bingo sites, integrated chat rooms, and a chance to win jackpots worth £1,000 daily anywhere, anytime has made this concept really popular in the bingo market. Bingo fans can expect to see more mobile phone bingo games with interactive features getting launched in the year 2012!

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Bingo Promotions

Latest Bingo Promotion offers

Online bingo has the power to keep you glued to your seats. Apart from the great design, amazing sound effects, chat rooms, and rewards, another exciting feature that makes online bingo popular are the bingo promo codes that help you get extra bonus when making your initial deposit. Some sites offer the bingo promotion codes openly on the web while for others you may have to indulge in a bit of treasure hunting. Here are some sites for which you can get some bingo promo codes and hopefully make some extra cash!

Ruby Bingo is a remarkable UK no deposit bingo site, worth trying. Players will get a free bonus, without any deposits required of £16. Each new player will get the free bonuses after signing up. Furthermore, you will be able to receive 300% as a welcome bonus. Ruby Red offers games like Cabaña Café, Liberty Lounge, and 90 Ball bingo. Through a partnership with Inside Bet, Ruby Bingo offers a terrific bonus of $120 with a match value of 110%.

Gone Bingo is an amazing no deposit bingo UK site that offers a whopping free bonus of £15. You will get an outstanding bonus of 300% when you will make your initial three deposits. Furthermore, this bingo site offers you an assortment of bingo games and slot games. It offers some of the hottest bingo promo codes and bonuses such as £15 no deposit sign up bonus, 300% first deposit bonus on first 3 deposits, and 350% reload bonuses.

Tea Time Bingo is a renowned no deposit bingo site that is famous for its enormous bonus offers. It offers a remarkable no deposit bingo bonus to all its new players upon sign up. It offers the opportunity to play loads of fantastic games and win exciting prizes. Apart from the free £15 no deposit bingo bonus, Tea Time Bingo also offers a 200% bingo promotion code that hands out 375% bonus on reload deposits of £100. The exciting bingo promo codes and offers make it a perfect cup of tea that should be sipped with care.

Back2School Bingo – the name itself brings back the memories of school time and if you visit the site, you will see that all care is taken to ensure that it resembles a school. Great entertainment with tricky bingo bonuses and cheeky bingo promotion codes make Back2School Bingo a hit with players across the world. It offers 200% first deposit bingo bonus, 25% reload bonus and a bingo promo code for free, thousands of pounds in prizes, and an amazing guaranteed jackpot worth £500.

Butlers Bingo is another exciting bingo game that offers a free £10 no deposit bingo bonus on sign up. After using up the bonus, players can enjoy a 150% bingo bonus match on the first deposit, and a 25% reload bonus, on up to £100 deposits. The site also offers various weekly and monthly promotional offers, so if you haven’t been there already then you are surely missing something!


Bingo Codes

Bingo Promotion Codes

The world of online no deposit bingo is booming, and it’s already bursting with great bonuses, as bingo sites carve out their niches and vie for loyal players.

So, that means you will get free bingo cash as a welcome gift. You will get cash-match parentages from 100% to 300% or more when you first deposit. You will get nice re-deposit bonuses, too.

There are kick-backs when you refer friends. There are daily, weekly and monthly special promotions. There are bingo rooms where you can play free games. Chat moderators announce fast quizzes and hand out surprise bonuses for those who are paying attention.

These are the basics when it comes to cashing in on playing no deposit bingo online.

But there is another form of promotion that relatively few players know exists. This kind of secret bonus is called bingo codes or bingo bonus codes or even bingo promo codes.

Here’s how a bingo bonus code works: when you have the passcode and you know which day it will be valid, you simply go to the bingo site that issued it and use it when you re-deposit or create a new registration. This process is simple, and the increases in your bingo bonuses (including free bingo cash for no deposit gaming) are sometimes dramatic.

Finding the codes is the only thing that can take a bit of work, but you can easily make this step part of your bingo fun. You simply search Google for the phrase bingo codes (also using the word ‘promo’). You can also search that phrase plus the names of top bingo sites, for example: Back2school Bingo, Wink Bingo, Butlers Bingo, Bingo on the Box and others. All of these sites have been known to offer notices on their time-sensitive bingo bonus codes.

You will discover sites that list bingo companies with their normal promotions (which change all the time) mixed with these special promotional codes that only some people know about.

Another smart way to locate bingo codes and the all-important time window when each is going to be valid (usually a single day) is to rely upon what your friends know. A bingo promo code is not just for one person to use — anyone on the given day can take advantage of it, so there will be no rivalry amongst people. Therefore this is a great topic of chat conversation, even whilst you play bingo at your favourite sites.

Good directory websites for bingo codes also usually have Twitter streams, Facebook pages and blogs to which you can subscribe. This way, you won’t even have to go searching any more. The valuable information will come to you!

Have you ever registered or re-deposited and wondered what that input field called ‘promotion code’ was for? Well now you know, and knowing is probably going to bug you until you start finding codes to use in that input field next time!

Dandy Bingo Review

Dandy Bingo has already created a niche for itself among the hundreds, and even thousands of casino and bingo websites that are out there. Even the most ardent and busiest of all bingo players agree that this No Deposit Bingo Site is among the most colorful and upbeat ones. The online gaming community is quite unanimous that has the potential to become one of the topmost bingo and casino websites.

The Software That Makes Dandy Work

The website is licensed at Malta, and it is the Cozy Games program that powers it. Cozy Games makes navigating throughout the website really easy. You won’t have any problems at all in accessing any area of DandyBingo.

Registering and Gaming at the Website

The interface is fun and bright, and the user feels like sticking around to explore the website. The registration process is really easy and quick too. You are able to start playing and enjoying the game almost immediately once you have registered at Dandy Bingo. When you register, you receive a free bonus of £20. There is no need to make any deposit first up. The registration process is really short. It will not even take a minute to fill out the short form at the website.

Gamers can start playing with this £20 to find out how exciting and fun the rooms at DandyBingo really are. You get a 200% bonus on the money deposited once you have made the first deposit. The bonus is credited straight to your account. There is also a 50% bonus on ongoing deposits too that can reach a maximum of £100. There are no free bingo games however, in this website.

Only registered members can make deposits. The deposits are to be made through credit and debit cards. The website processes all payments through Cyprus. Dandy guarantees the safety of transacting at the website and assures the registered members that their privacy and confidentiality will never be compromised.

Game rooms at

There are 3 rooms in this website, and they are the 90 ball, 80 ball and the 75 ball rooms. Each room has a progressive jackpot that goes well beyond hundreds of pounds. In fact, sometimes, the jackpot earned can be really huge.


Dandy Bingo is offering the following promotions at this time,

  • Deposit £20 to £29 and get 225% bonus and take 6 steps
  • Deposit £10 to £19 and get 125% bonus and take 3 steps
  • Deposit £30 to £49 and get 275% bonus and take 12 steps
  • Deposit £50 to £99 and get 325% bonus and take 18 steps
  • Deposit £100 to £199 and get 375% bonus and take 30 steps

Deposit £200 or above and get 400% bonus and take 50 steps


Fancy Bingo Review

Fancy Bingo is a new bingo website – it started accepting registered members just in April 2011. However, the website holds a lot of promise, and one good reason for this is that it is a no deposit bingo site. Another being the fact that it is from those who are highly experienced in running casino and bingo websites. It is from the same people who launched renowned websites such as Costa Bingo, City Bingo and Sing Bingo. All of these are bingo domains, and all of them have been immensely successful. So, it can be expected that from Mandalay Media is going to be a big hit too. Fancy is being powered by Dragonfish bingo software.

There are already plenty of bingo websites out there, and the Mandalay Media themselves have 3 others. So why was this particular website launched? FancyBingo was launched as a theme website that brings together fairy tale and fantasy wonderfully well at one place. In fact, this is the USP of this website, and the promoters believe that this unique angle will make it hugely successful too. And frankly, that might very well happen, because we have not seen this angle in a bingo domain before – fairy tale and fancy together at one place makes this one unique.

The catch line of is – “Play Small, Win Big”. So, two things are quite clear here. Gamers do not need to make huge deposits, and yet, they can earn big money at their games. Only time can tell us how far this is true – but it is quite clear that Fancy looks like an active place.

Bonus offers at Fancy Bingo

The website lets the gamers start small. And so, when people sign-up, there is no need to make any deposit. In fact, the website offers a free bonus of £5 that is credited to the account straightaway. This is just perfect for those who just want to find out whether FancyBingo is the right website for their bingo games or not. They are allowed to explore the website and play a few games for the money that is deposited into their account.

And if they are satisfied, then they can deposit more money if they want to. To entice people to make their first deposit, the website is offering a Welcome Bonus of 300%. So, if you deposit £30, you will automatically have £90 in your account – the balance £60 is your award that is paid by the owners of www.fancybingo. Plus, gamers also get the reload bonus on a second deposit.


There are some really exciting games at Fancy Bingo. There are two halls here – the 75 ball and the 90 ball. Check out the “Guaranteed Jackpots” offer here. This means that, every time bingo is played at the website, someone wins, guaranteed.


Shampoo Easter Egg Aggie Hut..

No Deposit Bingo

Shampoo bingo are offering some great give a way’s this Easter, which include Easter gifts, LPS and great cash prizes.
This great no deposit bingo site is presenting Easter Egg Aggie, which will include promotional emails with chances to win great prizes and up to 1000 LPS points.
Players can earn entry for the draw from simply depositing funds as they normally would. Each time you deposit funs depending on the amount you will be rewarded with LPS points and Beauty Coins which you can use to enter the draw.
What’s more, if you discover the Easter egg on Facebook, you stand the chance of winning 2000 LPS points and 20 beauty coins!
Easter is defiantly on the way and at shampoobingo you’re sure to have a cracking time!

Newest Bingo with Paypal Sites

Big Tease Bingo
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Online Bingo games have become highly popular in last few years. The popularity of bingo sites has also increased exponentially due to the acceptance of a large number of secure payment systems including PayPal. Playing bingo with paypal is an excellent way of depositing money on PayPal bingo sites without giving away personal financial details. Read on

Bingo on the box: If you want £15 free money and £60 sign up bonus, you should visit the website of Bingo on the box. This website is truly a bingo player’s delight. Very few bingo sites that accept paypal can actually provide such huge offers for new members. Within 2-3 minutes, you can sign up at the website and start playing bingo with £15! The website offers a whopping cash match bonus of up to 300 percent. Earning more points on the website means that you stand the chances of accidental jackpots held every week or month.

William Hill Bingo: William Hill bingo is a part of William Hill, a famous public company that has been around for a very long time. It is one of the most popular bingo sites that take paypal. Truly a no-nonsense company, William Hill always delivers what it claims. The most special thing about William Hill Bingo is that you can choose the appearance as well as the type of game you want to play on the portal. The website allows scores of customizations that enhance your bingo gaming experience to a whole new level. William Hill bingo is particular known for its jackpot prizes. For a first time player, there are no no-deposit bonuses but they do provide a double deposit match.

Virgin Bingo: Virgin Bingo is one of the popular no deposit bingo sites on the web. Owned by the famous tycoon Richard Branson, Virgin Bingo is a part of the world wide Virgin group of businesses. You can try the software of Virgin Hill bingo for free since a new member is given £1. The website offers a hundred percent cash match with a maximum value of £125. During Sunday Jackpots, you can win huge cash awards. Lucky winner of Sunday jackpot on Virgin Bingo receives a thousand pounds per month for a lifetime! Loaded with 75 and 90 ball bingo game with high end graphics and many other promotional offers like instant scratch cards, Virgin Bingo can deliver a complete bingo experience.

Millions of customers all over the world use PayPal on daily basis because of the superb buyers’ protection it provides. Acceptance of PayPal by Bingo websites is a pleasant move. Check out above mentioned websites to take the maximum advantage of world class online bingo software systems.

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Bingo Beez UK – Review

Bees know where to find nectar, with which they make their golden honey. Likewise, players who have heard the buzz are finding how BingoBeez is a hive of sweet chances to make a tidy jackpot. Why? Let’s start with the first deposit bonus given to new players who register at www.BingoBeez. This welcome gift is an enormous 350%! That means that if you deposit £50 then you will play with £225. If you deposit £250 then you play with £1,125.

Aside from all the other things to point out about Bingo Beez UK, its bonus numbers are almost too good to be true, because they’re certainly some of the most generous out there in the field of new bingo sites. In addition to the whopping 350% cash match (for a limited time, by the way), you get a 75% reload bonus. Look at the numbers: If you were to reload with £60 then you will actually play with £105 — BingoBeez would give you £45 of free play to add to your £60. The hive’s big benefits extend to rewards for referring your friends: you get a 50% bonus, this time 50% of your friend’s first deposit amount.

bingo cams

But perhaps you are a bashful bee. Maybe you are worried about whether BingoBeez is the best hub of activity for your online gaming. There’s a free bingo room where you can sample the system. Upon a simple sign-up, you can enjoy $10 of free cash to test its many halls of bingo (from 30-ball to 90-ball) and its 36 casino games, no deposit required bingo. If you win, you win real take-home money. CashGrade and iPoint users receive $10-$20 in extra bonuses. (There is a long list of banking options, so that you can plan your fun budget conveniently.)

Bingo Beez UK (at is easier to coordinate with your schedule if you are in the UK because it uses Greenwich Mean Time and the pound sterling.

For those avid players who are looking for ways to improve their games and fly with bees of the same stripe, Bingo Beez UK hosts lively chats alongside scorecards. On the other hand, BingoBees makes full use of social media on Twitter, Facebook and blogs such as JustForLadies. By staying alert on its chats, feeds and posts, players can snatch up special promotions and hear the buzz from other players.


Flying around the web site is a pleasure, since it’s loaded with buzzing players and helpful places such as How-To’s for getting started. You can catch news of other players’ winnings along the way. Bingo has carefully built its hive of games and chats so you are always oriented, focused upon the job at hand: to win.

Bingo Beez UK looks made of honey — look closer, and you’re bound to find that it’s full of money.

Get your Bingo Codes for UK Bingo Sites

Bingo Codes UK is a one stop resource for information about the latest and greatest bingo offers online. It is designed for all types of bingo fans, ranging from novices to veterans who search for the hottest bingo offers and introductory bonuses available to them.

bingo codes

Bingo Codes UK makes online bingo fun, exciting and a great place to meet new people. You get chances to win extra pounds with every deposit you make. When you are on the lookout for online bingo offers, the bingo discount codes gives you the best deals and discounts along with fabulous bonus offers.

Bingo bonus codes are offered by almost all bingo sites in order to lure players in. Some bingo sites offer you double the amount of your deposit by giving you a 100% bonus for free. Some sites also offer you a small amount of free cash to start playing, but you might need to spend a certain amount of money over a given period in order to be entitled for such bingo discount codes.

No deposit bonuses are again a type of bingo codes in which you get free money as bonus, as soon as you register. In no deposit bingo sites, you do not need to make any deposit to earn the bonus. However you are still required to fill in your financial details to prevent fraud.

There is yet another type of bingo codes UK called the matching bonus which is one of the hottest online bingo offers which can turn a £15 deposit into £30 by granting you a bonus that matches your deposit amount. The matching bonuses range from 100% to 1,000%. These sites require you to spend more money over a given time period in order to claim the bonus. Matching bonuses are sometimes available online to new players as well.

Butlers Bingo

See if you can imagine this: a no deposit bingo website that gives you the feeling of having a personal attendant who brings you whatever you fancy. Not a bad idea! That’s precisely the winning concept behind Butlers, where you find ‘Online Bingo on a Silver Platter’. Let’s take a look at what this promising motto means, and whether Butlers Bingo lives up to its crest.

Firstly, what would this charming Butler Bingo serve to welcome you as a guest? Just for stepping inside, to be perfectly precise, it’s free bingo no deposit no card details. Hope you don’t mind a rather discrete, direct butler.

Next, ButlersBingo offers you a seat and hands you a £10 (€12) free play gift to whet your appetite for elegant fun. As you sit back and enjoy such lavish service, ready to join the choice company who patronize www.ButlersBingo, watch as your gracious host increases your first deposit by 300%. The wealthy atmosphere here continues with 50% redeposit bonuses. You really do start to feel like a very important person with this posh welcome ceremony.

And there is plenty at your disposal when you join the ‘in’ crowd at Butlers Bingo. In addition to bingo, there are enticing casino games and scratch cards. Don’t be afraid to confide the fact that you are new to playing. There’s a veritable private school of how-to’s and tips on the ‘How to Play Bingo’ page and the FAQ ¾ you see, your staff keeps you well informed. You can even brush up on the history of bingo, unless of course you couldn’t be bothered at the moment because numbers are being called out.

Your new ButlersBingo helpers include chat moderators and the beautiful Astrid the Bingo Girl, who guide you gently to the latest specials and luxury gifts.


When was the last time you had a no deposit bingo website serving you the actual luxuries you want to purchase with your winnings, thereby saving your precious time? For instance, when you win a ‘special luxury surprise’ as a Butlers Bingo patron, then a sumptuous 3-course meal may be delivered to your home town, or you might be treated to a 1-hour massage. Sometimes you’ll just receive £1000 cash in hand ¾ but how gauche to handle money after the having everything brought to you on a silver platter!

Even though Butlers Bingo has only recently opened its doors to those who are in-the-know, or know the right people (that is, other players at the site), its friends on Facebook continue to increase. If you like high society even though you relish your privacy, then you’ll simply love the online community active on www.ButlersBingo. (In case your manners could use a little refining or you’re new to chats, do consult the chat etiquette and glossary by clicking ‘Community’ at the top of any page.)

Soon, the days before you had it so good will be a distant memory. You will feel pampered by the daily, weekly and monthly bonuses showered upon you by this superb new gaming service.