Bingo Codes

Bingo Promotion Codes

The world of online no deposit bingo is booming, and it’s already bursting with great bonuses, as bingo sites carve out their niches and vie for loyal players.

So, that means you will get free bingo cash as a welcome gift. You will get cash-match parentages from 100% to 300% or more when you first deposit. You will get nice re-deposit bonuses, too.

There are kick-backs when you refer friends. There are daily, weekly and monthly special promotions. There are bingo rooms where you can play free games. Chat moderators announce fast quizzes and hand out surprise bonuses for those who are paying attention.

These are the basics when it comes to cashing in on playing no deposit bingo online.

But there is another form of promotion that relatively few players know exists. This kind of secret bonus is called bingo codes or bingo bonus codes or even bingo promo codes.

Here’s how a bingo bonus code works: when you have the passcode and you know which day it will be valid, you simply go to the bingo site that issued it and use it when you re-deposit or create a new registration. This process is simple, and the increases in your bingo bonuses (including free bingo cash for no deposit gaming) are sometimes dramatic.

Finding the codes is the only thing that can take a bit of work, but you can easily make this step part of your bingo fun. You simply search Google for the phrase bingo codes (also using the word ‘promo’). You can also search that phrase plus the names of top bingo sites, for example: Back2school Bingo, Wink Bingo, Butlers Bingo, Bingo on the Box and others. All of these sites have been known to offer notices on their time-sensitive bingo bonus codes.

You will discover sites that list bingo companies with their normal promotions (which change all the time) mixed with these special promotional codes that only some people know about.

Another smart way to locate bingo codes and the all-important time window when each is going to be valid (usually a single day) is to rely upon what your friends know. A bingo promo code is not just for one person to use — anyone on the given day can take advantage of it, so there will be no rivalry amongst people. Therefore this is a great topic of chat conversation, even whilst you play bingo at your favourite sites.

Good directory websites for bingo codes also usually have Twitter streams, Facebook pages and blogs to which you can subscribe. This way, you won’t even have to go searching any more. The valuable information will come to you!

Have you ever registered or re-deposited and wondered what that input field called ‘promotion code’ was for? Well now you know, and knowing is probably going to bug you until you start finding codes to use in that input field next time!