Bingo Bonus Tax Pushed Back Before General Election

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Our regular readers will know that a looming bonus tax was threatening our no deposit bonuses. Well, thanks to the snap general election happening next month, this has been pushed back for the moment.

What was this Tax?

This free bets tax was proposed in the last budget, with an aim to tax both the earnings of betting based businesses as well as the amount of free bonuses that they give out. For the UK government this was a plan to bring in more money to their coffers from the industries that could historically afford it.

There were no real specifics on how the bonus tax UK would work and at what percentage it would be charged out. This was to come later in the year with a view to bring the entire tax in by August 2017. There was already speculation that this deadline would be missed, as the government had still to consult with the industry experts based on their opinions.

What Changed the Deadline?

Players in the UK will know that with a snap general election called by the Prime Minister, all of these policies have basically been shelved. They’ll be looking to roll out positive policies and really get those votes coming in, finance won’t really be at the front and centre. Of course, the party that proposed this tax may not even be in power by the end of next month!

Then, we’ll most likely be waiting for the next Autumn Statement to learn what the government wishes to do regarding the tax.

Will the Tax be Back?

This is a tricky one to answer, as the bingo bonus tax could come back in the coming years or it may disappear entirely. This may be an option for the government to backtrack on what was being seen as an unpopular move anyway.

With the rapidly changing political landscape within the UK, it wouldn’t be surprising if there was a massive shift with the number of seats and power in the house. Even changing party members could throw this tax right out the window.

It’s basically a 50/50 at the moment as to whether this tax will be coming back, though everything could change come the 8th of June.

What does this mean for Players?

Right now, we’re basically back at business as usual. Some brands have already gotten rid of their no deposit bonuses, so we don’t expect to see them coming back to be perfectly honest. They’ll most likely just wait to find out when this will be confirmed and what they can do to prevent having to pay for it!

Until we find out more, this tax could be back in many different shapes and forms. This tax has been pretty vague so far and we’re hoping that it slips under the radar in future. For now it seems that bingo bonuses are safe, so why not check out our reviews on where to find the very best ones to get you started.

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Cozy Games Bingo Sites


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Everyone at some point has heard of Cozy Games, they’re a bingo provider that has been around for a fairly long time and have become legendary thanks to all the great sites that are connected to their network.

Because of how big Cozy Games has become we’ve decided to take an in-depth look at this Isle of Man based network and some of their sites.

The Sites

First thing’s first – these are the best Cozy Games bingo sites, each one offering a fab no deposit bonus:

1. Tea Time Bingo (Grab £15 FREE!)

First up is Tea Time Bingo, this kitchen themed site is all about two things, playing bingo and drinking tea. With a lovely purple motif there’s a great list of bingo games and side titles to keep you entertained for hours on end. [Read more…]

2. Lucky Touch Bingo (Enjoy £15 on the house!)

This lovely website really goes all out to make your game as ‘lucky’ as possible, from the lucky heather purple of the background on the site to the green four leaf clovers dotted around and even the horseshoe tucked away in the sites logo. [Read more…]

3. Buttercup Bingo

This is a fantastic farmyard themed bingo site has a lovely light blue sky and rolling green hills motif that gives you all the fun of the grand outdoors from the comfort of your own home. [Read more…]

4. Gone Bingo

This site’s tagline is ‘your favourite place to play bingo on the go.’ Their main selling point is that you can play their games wherever you like or whenever you like on your tablet or mobile device.

Any Similarities or Differences?

Because they’re part of one network, these sites all use Cozy Games bingo software which means they all tend to have the same kinds of games.

So on each of these sites you can expect to find classic slot game titles like Honey Bees, Queen of Legends, Mystic Wilds, Wizard’s Castle and casino games like Blackjack, Roulette and Keno.

This actually works in favour of these sites as it creates a familiarity amongst the sites connected to Cozy Games. As an added bonus all these sites on the Cozy Game brand are also mobile compatible.

What Promos and Bonuses Will I Get?

You’ll also notice the promotions may appear to be similar but can vary depending on the website you’re using.

For example, all of the above sites give £15 as part of their no deposit bonus when you join and go through their email address validation process.

However, these sites vary on the welcome bonus they offer.

For example some sites will give you a 900% bonus stretched across you first three deposits whilst others don’t.

Tea Time Bingo for example has a welcome bonus that gives an option of either a 200% deposit bonus or a 25% cash bonus on your first deposit. Then when you make a re-deposit with you’ll have the option of choosing either a 400% re-deposit bonus or a 150% cash bonus.

Are They Licensed or On A Network?

Although each of these sites are part of Cozy Games they’re also all connected to additional networks.

Gone Bingo for example is part of Best Bingo Network (BBN).

Then there’s Tea Time Bingo, who are a proud member of the Super Bingo Network (SBN) and operate using their connections.

Although, just because each site is connected to a different network like the Live Bingo Network (LBN)  for example, it doesn’t make them any less fun to play on. Each one takes the familiar Cozy Games style and gives it their own unique and rather refreshing spin to make it their own.


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Monster Giveaway on Dream Bingo

Dream Bingo is indeed one of the best places to play bingo online. There are many prizes on the offer and plenty of huge bonuses as well. You feel like you are in a real dream world when you can play so simple bingo games and win amazing jackpots and prizes at DreamBingo.

All the new players joining the site are offered a free no deposit bingo bonus of £15 for simply signing up at the site. You can use this free money to play some free bingo games on the site. There is also a cash match bonus of 300% offered to all the first time depositors on the site. There is so much offered in free on the site, right from the time you join.

More and more promos keep coming up on the site. The Monster Giveaway that runs on Dreambingo is one of the most popular of all promotions on this site. This is your chance to win huge monster prizes from the 90-ball bingo rooms on the site.

Win a 5K Trolley Dash, Win a Luxury Cruise and Win a Car are the three special promos that you have to look forward to on this site. The games can take place any time and you will have to keep checking the special games tab to find out when is the latest game happening.

These Monster Prizes are being given away daily and you have to win a full house on the game according to the assigned number. For example, 5K Trolley Dash (34) would mean that you have to win a full house within 34 calls to claim the prize.

All tehse games also have a special guaranteed jackpot which you will win even if you don’t win the Full House within the given number of calls. You must definitely not miss your chance to win such brilliant prizes. You can pre buy your tickets from the site to be a part of the big game.

The Free Bingo Games that run on Dream Bingo is also very exciting. The free bingo games that run in theCashCastlehas also guaranteed jackpots in the offer. You have to only get your free tickets and play to win some free cash.

Fancy Bingo’s fancy Kindle Touch giveaway

Fancy Bingo is one of the new online bingo sites that has an amazing bingo promotion every month and this month it’s a kindle giveaway. Sign up with Fancy  Bingo this month, if you feel like winning yourself a fancy Kindle Touch 3G!!!

The Kindle Touch 3G is an amazing device which simulates paper as realistically as any device can. With an E-link display, 3G wireless for instant downloads of ebooks and a new X-ray feature, this is one must-have gadget of 2012. If you have been pining for this amazing device, then sign up at Bingo Fancy today.

Signing up at fancybingo should not be too much of a problem for you. After all, there is an amazing no deposit required bingo bonus of £5 when you open your new online bingo account at this online bingo site. This no deposit bingo bonus will let you play free bingo online games at this nodeposit bingo site.

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This Kindle special bingo promotion started out on April 16 and will go on till April 30. To win the kindle you have to be the player who bingos the most number of times on the ‘$’ pattern. With each ‘$’ bingo pattern in 75 bingo games at fancy, you will reach closer to your coveted Kindle.

While you can play bingo games for free at, you will need to have made a deposit in order to be eligible for this special bingo giveaway prize. So make a deposit at this bingo online site and start playing bingo games online with this money and who knows; you could be winning yourself a brand new kindle at the end of the month.

Those bingo players who just missed the top slot will also take home a little something. For the second position player there is a fabulous £100 cash prize while the third ranking player will win £50.

So go ahead, sign up at Fancy Bingo, pocket your no deposit bingo bonus and make a deposit today. First time depositors will also win a 300% first time bonus while all other depositors will get 50% bonus.

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City Bingo has an amazing bingo promotion lined up at its site – a family holiday for four, for a whole of five days to Paris with a special family entry pass to Disneyland!!! Quick, sign up with City Bingo to win this amazing bingo holiday giveaway.

BingoCity’s holiday bingo game includes flight tickets to Paris and back for 2 adults and 2 children along with a five nights stay at Chanteloup Hotel. That takes care of most of your holiday expenses, but this is not the end of it. CityBingo is also throwing in a family entry pass for Paris’  famous family holiday spot –Disneylandfor two whole days!!!

Looks like you can grab yourself a fantastic holiday in this no deposit bingo site. Simply sign up today at and grab yourself a free fiver. With the free bingo bonus of £5 you can take a look at the site and play free bingo games even before this Paris Disneyland special online bingo game which is scheduled only for April 27, 2012 at 09:00pm. But if you would like to play bingo for free even for this special game, then sign up early at City Bingo and earn Disney points to earn some free bingo cards to this special bingo event.

You earn Disney points at city as follows:

  • Spend £1 on bingo or instant win games and earn 3 disney points each
  • Get 1000 Disney points when you bingo on the Golden Ticket pattern or on number 20

In fact, if you bingo on the golden ticket pattern or on the number 20, you immediately become eligible for free bingo tickets to this special game as you can exchange 1000 Disney points for one free bingo card.

You have until the 22nd in order to earn these fabulous points to get your bingo tickets for free. If not, do not worry;  you can also purchase these bingo cards for £5 each.

So, if you have been looking for a holiday of a lifetime, then sign up at and enjoy some of the best bingo promotions ever.

Join Ruby’s 1 Million to Win Huge

Ruby Bingo is one of the oldest and most popular online bingo sites in UK. Ever since it first launched, the site has been coming up with a wide range of offers, promos and bonuses for players.

You can begin off with the nice no deposit welcome bonus of £5 that this fabulous bingo site offers to all the new players joining the site. While you can also claim one of the highest bingo bonus of 300% first deposit bonus and an ongoing weekly bonus of 10% regularly, the no deposit bingo bonus gives you access to some bingo games for free at this top UK bingo site.

The latest bingo promotion that is attracting bingo fans at Ruby Bingo is the Ruby’s 1 Million Promo, which is offering up to one million in prizes for the online bingo players. The cash prizes can be won anytime between March 30 and April 1. There are several prizes that you can win and you must watch out to pick the most valuable games.

The £100K Party Nights will run at RubyBingo between March 30 and April 1 and once again between April 6 and April 9. The games will play every evening from 6pm and there are cash prizes worth up to £100,000 to be won.

The £15,000 Weekends at Bingo Ruby is another huge promo where players can bag up to £15,000 in cash prizes through daily bingo games in the Royal Court that will play between 3 pm and 6 pm. These games will play on every weekend until April 8.

There are several more interesting promos that regularly run at The Barmy Weekend Free Bingo is your chance to play three hours of free bingo games on Ruby on every weekend.

Besides this, the site has a daily free bingo hour, when players can play free bingo games and win real jackpot of £30. There are special guaranteed jackpot games on the Sundays at Ruby Bingo. The game at Royal Court happens on every Sunday between 8pm and 11pm and offers a guaranteed jackpot of £1,000. There is another guaranteed jackpot game that plays at Cloud Nine on Sundays between 7.30pm and 11.30pm.

With this fabulous range of bingo promos at Ruby Bingo, it is time you signed up for an account here.


What’s New at Sky Bingo?

Sky Bingo is one of the most popular online bingo sites that offer a no deposit bingo bonus for all the new players coming to the site. Sky Bingo has come up with a range of new features and offers for theUKonline bingo fans.

You can get hold of a free no deposit bingo bonus of £10 when you sign up on Sky Bingo. Use this free bingo bonus to take a look around everything that is offered on this site.

The design of the home page of this no deposit bingo site has been altered to a great extent. Now, you can have straight access to your favorite bingo games using the new bingo room locater option, which is placed on the right side of the home page.

All the online bingo rooms that are open at the time are displayed here and you can take your pick of the lot. The game schedule is also now available at the schedule tab in the main page of Bingo Sky. All the games that are scheduled for the next 2 hours are displayed here.

There are some nice changes made into the functionality as well. The multi-room feature is exciting and it allows the online bingo fans to play in and view up to three online bingo rooms at the same time at sky This is the best option to win more by keeping an eye on more than one bingo ticket at the same time. This also allows for chatting in several chat rooms at the same time.

Browse through all the mini games available at this online bingo site when you are in your bingo online room and play online bingo games simultaneously with mini games.

Another very nice feature that has been implemented at Sky Bingo Online is the Bingo Call Board. The call board tab displayed at the screen will help you double check the numbers that have been called out for the online bingo games that you have been playing.

You can now also add your own mini profile at Add all information about yourself and also share your photographs at this online bingo site, kinda like having a Facebook account at SkyBingo. Even banking has been made easy with the ‘Bank’ tab at the homepage. Get hold of your no deposit bonus and try out all the new features of sky bingo. You will definitely come back for more.

Valentine Special Promos Still Running at Eat Sleep Bingo

Eat Sleep Bingo is what most of the ardent online bingo fans would love to do and the site named so indeed offers the best online bingo options for players. You can take part in a host of online bingo promos at this site every month. February is no different. The valentine special promos are still running full fledged at this top online bingo site.

The Cupid’s Arrow Special is now running at the 75-ball bingo room of EatSleep Bingo. You have to simply engage in a spread of 75 ball bingo games that will run at this bingo online site to become a winner. Every time you spell ARROW on your online bingo board, you will get rewarded with 14 roses.  There are two games being played daily and that means a chance to win 28 roses each day. These roses can later be redeemed for cash bonuses, so make sure you collect as much as you can from

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The 90 Bingo Hall Special is also a Valentine promo and will run at EastSleep Bingo until February 29. There are some special jackpot games that will play on this site once every hour. You must make sure you catch your places and get your tickets to win some nice guaranteed jackpots.

The Lovely Slots Special game is also going to run at eatsleep bingo until February 29. Spin your way to win roses from the site. Collect these roses and later redeem them for real cash. For every £100 that you wager on the slots at, you will get one rose each.

There is also a deposit special promo that all players can avail from www.eatsleepbingo in February. Get up to 125%  cash back bonuses and huge bingo bonuses of 375% by simply playing at eatsleep bingo. Mind you, this is not including the special no deposit bingo bonus of £15 that you get when you sign up with this site. This free bingo bonus will help you check out this new bingo site for free and will allow you to play free bingo games online.



February Special Promos at Game Village

Play Cyber Bingo NowGame Village has always been in the forefront when it comes to offering the most interesting bingo promos to their players. In the month of Valentines, just like all other online bingo sites, Game Village has also come up with some extra special promos.

If you still have not joined this fabulous site, it is time you rushed to do so. The most interesting aspect of joining GameVillage.Com is that they are offering all the new players with a no deposit welcome bonus of £30, just for signing up at the site. This free bingo money will give you the chance to play free bingo games online and check out the kind of offers in this online bingo site.

No other bingo online site offers such a huge no deposit online bingo bonus as GameVillage. In addition to the freebingo bonus, the site is also popular for its bingo promotions.

Puppy Love is perhaps the most interesting promo that is running at GameVillage.Com. 100 top scorers of the Dingo game at Game Vilage will be able to win a share of the £10000 Valentine special jackpot that is up for the grabs. To qualify for this promo, players have to get a minimum score of 120,000.

Another Valentine Special Promo at is Valentine Ball. All the players who win a full house on ball 14 in any penny game at Game Village will get a share of £250 at the end of February.

Free Love is also a Valentine Special promo on Make two deposits of £14 in a day at the site and win guaranteed cash prize.

All of us have heard that love is blind. At Games Village, this is a special February Promo that can win you an extra £20. All you have to do is win a full house on the highest number ending in zero in the 2p session.

Cupid’s Arrow is going to be fired regularly in February. Make sure you get hold of the cupid reward icon to get your free entry in to the £100 invitation game that will play on March 1. Share the Love is another of the  popular bingo promotions where one lucky player who has won “Share the win” cards will win an extra £10.


January bingo sales at Sky Bingo

Sky Bingo is one of the best bingo sites in town and if you have not yet signed up with Sky Bingo yet, do not put if off any longer as there are plenty of reasons to sign up at this online bingo site in January 2012.

While the January sales for cheap bingo online games is the talk of the town at Bingo Sky, the month is also special with a special never before no deposit bingo bonus at skybingo. That’s right. There is a no deposit required bingo bonus of £10 as your signup bonus at this online bingosite for all new members.

This is an offer that you should take advantage of right now because there is no indication of how long the offer is valid. A no deposit bingo bonus is a great way of testing out a new bingo site. You can sign up with sky and pocket your £10 free online bingo bonus and start playing bingo.

If you are happy with the site you can continue to play bingo online at the site by depositing bingo funds in your account. If not, well, you really haven’t lost anything. On the contrary you would have got to enjoy some free bingo games at the site.

BingoSky has some great promotions running this month with budget bingo games as the January sales kick off. This week you can enjoy some fabulous bingo games by using bingo promo codes. Check out the new promo codes for bingo this week at Sky Bingo:

  • Mon 16th Jan – JAN3A
  • Tue 17th Jan – JAN3B
  • Wed 18th Jan – JAN3C
  • Thu 19th Jan – JAN3D
  • Fri 20th Jan – JAN3E
  • Sat 21st Jan – JAN3F
  • Sun 22nd Jan – JAN3G

Enter these codes and play £5 worth of bingo games at every day. You will then get a credit of 150 bonus bingo gems points, thereby increasing your bingo balance. So sign up today at and make the most of these fabulous opportunities. Get £10 nodeposit bingo bonus and reap 150 bonus bingo gem points when playing bingo online at Sky Bingo.