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Will a Free Bets Tax Affect No Deposit Bonuses?

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Last year’s budget brought a bit of a surprise to those in the gaming industry, as the UK Government put forth a free bets tax. This taxation would theoretically return a great deal to the government but operators could suffer.

What is the Tax?

There is already a bingo tax in place that has operators paying a Point of Consumption charge for their users. To add to this tax, the free bets tax will treat bonus funds like real money and the operator will be responsible for footing the bill. The government are hoping that this will contribute an additional £45 million to the economy in the first year of it being implemented.

Will it Affect our No Deposit Bonuses?

This is a hard question to answer, as operators seem a bit perplexed as to what they will do going forward. They can choose to pay the tax and hope that the players they bring in will be worth the bill, try to find a different way to reward players or remove the bonus entirely.

Ultimately, it will come down to what is most profitable for the company and what resonates best with users. Operators don’t want to be paying out more tax than they need to but they also need to keep users happy too.

We can expect a period of growth and change for these sites, as they basically do trial and error to make this tax feasible. An alternative to a bonus may be to let players have a go at no deposit bingo in a newbie room or to be given free spins instead, as these don’t have a set monetary value.

Are There any Other Potential Effects?

This tax could also make the bingo market more competitive, as this basically signifies another outgoing for operators. This could make it harder for new sites to launch, as well as affecting what they are able to offer their customers.

With no deposit bonuses making up a large part of what we expect from a new site, it’s hard to imagine a bingo world without them. We hope that there is another way to reward players coming into action if this is the case.

When Does it Come in?

The proposed tax would come in on the 1st of August 2017 and some operators are already getting ready for big changes. HMRC state that it shouldn’t have a significant impact on players or their payouts, it’s a change mostly geared towards operators. Whether that is the case remains to be seen but it’s certainly going to make a splash.

In 2017, operators will be battling against this and the effects of Brexit, both of which could have a knock on effect to users. They’ll be looking for new and inventive ways of staying afloat in what may turn out to be a difficult marketplace. For players, this may mean that they’re more willing to offer better deals or even experiment with something new, which could lead to an exciting time.

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Tea Time Bingo Turns 8

Over the last 8 years Tea Time Bingo has been offering players a place to get all of their favourite games and a place to take part in some brilliant promotions. It has been through some changes in this time and has expanded to bring players more than ever before. Now at its 8th birthday celebration the site is giving away prizes left, right and centre for a whole month as part of their birthday bash and every player is invited.

How Has Tea Time Bingo Changed?

As the market for bingo has changed this site has adapted with the inclusion of more games and a mobile platform. This is responsible for the continuing success of the site as they’ve shown they’ll give customers what they want.

Their mobile site is popular with players as they can still get access to top slot, casino and bingo games when they’re out and about. This was not something that this site offered initially but it has added to its repertoire to stay current and keep players coming back for more.

With the growth of the site they also added more cash prizes to the Tea Time Bingo jackpot games and upped the frequency of the games to keep their players happy. There are also more giveaways now on this site as they treat their players to prize draws to win the latest gadgets and even more cash.

They also now provide players with a weekly bingo tournament where they can battle it out in teams against other players to grab a top prize from the site.

As loyalty programs have become more widely available this site has added a VIP scheme to give back to those who deposit on the site weekly. Anything over £200 spent in a week will give players a whole host of bonuses including exclusive games, cashback, free spins and loyalty points that they can use to get free games.

The site has only gotten better as it has gotten bigger as they are capable of rewarding players more than ever. It has always been a good site from the start but these additional bonuses and prizes really crank it up to being a fantastic place to play.

The Weekly Jackpots

Each of the days in this month has a different prize or promotion attached to it so players can try their luck at something new daily while celebrating the site’s success.

The party kicks off every day at 3pm and continues into the evening until 10pm, this means that if you’re a player on a busy schedule you’ll still be able to take part at one point. Each week the jackpots will amount to a total of £8,000 which will be shared between players. This promotion offers players so many chances to win and grab their share of the cash each day which means a higher likelihood that you’ll win the more you take part.

Collecting Party Hats

Lucky players on this site will also collect party hats when they win throughout the week, these will then be traded for bonuses. Only the top 30 players on the leader board will be able to trade in their party hats so if you want to win more you have to play more.

For every line win on a game players will win a party hat, 2 line wins will rake in 2 party hats and a full house win will count for 3 party hats in this promotion. For every 30 party hats collected the top players can scoop up a bonus to use on the site whenever they like.

Tea Time Bingo

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Loyalty Shop at mFortune Bingo

Lovin’ everything at mFortune Bingo? Wait until you check the Loyalty Shop!!!

One of the ways bingo sites look out for us players to keep us coming back for more is through loyalty rewards. mFortune Bingo offers a great reward scheme in which players can redeem items through the Loyalty Shop.

What is the loyalty shop?

Essentially, the loyalty shop is an online store within the mFortune Bingo member’s area, when players can redeem the bingo loyalty points they have built up. Each time you buy bingo tickets on the site you will earn loyalty points – 2 points for every £1 spent. This means that you can earn multiple points in a day withouat even realising it! With every bingo game you buy into, you’ll be getting something back from mFortune Bingo.

What you spend your points on is entirely up to you, and there are plenty of options to choose from on the site. You can look through the shop before you sign up to the site either and have a browse at what’s on offer and how much you would need to earn to get this.

Players can opt to spend their reward points all at once or in little bursts, treating themselves little, but often. Alternatively, if none of the fantastic items on offer appeal to you, or you just fancy playing even more great mobile bingo games, you can also convert your loyalty points into bonus cash to spend on site. mFortune Bingo regularly runs offers where the exchange rate of points to bonus cash is reduced, giving you more bingo bucks for less points!

What’s in store?

The loyalty shop at mFortune Bingo is so extensive, it’s almost like going to your local mall! They have everything on offer from onesies to keyrings, iPhones to mugs and everything in between! Each of the bingo rewards comes with its own loyalty points redemption price, with goodies offered for a small amount of points, right up to high end prizes you’ll need to redeem your whole piggy bank for!

The best prize by far has to be a Mini – that’s right, you can actually earn yourself a new car on this bingo site! It does come at the hefty price of 1,200,000 loyalty points, but it’s still available if you have the patience to save.

If you don’t want to wait, or just fancy something smaller, there are loads of rewards at the lower end of the points scale to play for, including a bingo ball bear at just 350 points or an mFortune Bingo mug for 500 points.

There are loads of gadget treats up for grabs too, including a Samsung Galaxy S5 for 61,000 points and an Xbox One for 46,500 points. If those aren’t your thing, you can lounge around in a unisex onesie for 1,700 points or chill out with some popcorn thanks to the Popcorn Maker at 9,100 points. There literally is something for everyone!


Although mFortune Bingo is a no deposit bingo site, meaning you can enjoy a freebie to play real money bingo games with, you’ll have to start spending your own cash on site if you really want to build those loyalty points.

Also, points are only accumulated on bingo games, so any cash you spend on slots or casino games won’t earn you any loyalty points.

You must be over 18 to claim a prize, and prizes can only be delivered to UK players – for players without a UK address a cash alternative is offered instead.

With such a wide range of great rewards regularly updated on site, mFortune Bingo’s loyalty shop is something you should definitely check out, and other bingo sites should definitely take a look at!

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Live Bingo Network Sites

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Live Bingo Network is one of the fastest growing networks in the industry.  It appears a month can’t go by without another LBN brand popping up on our search engines giving you an idea of the quality of their product and the strength of their fan base.

About The Live Bingo Network

Originally created by Cozy Games the Live Bingo Network has been around for years and has experienced almost unrivalled success in the industry. With a regularly active player base of well over 1.3 million this network is almost unstoppable.

The LBN always guarantee great websites with high quality games for their players to enjoy. In fact the sites connected to this network all get to enjoy exclusive video bingo games that you can try out only on these sites. This makes the whole brand seem all the more special as you’re getting treatment here that you wouldn’t get elsewhere.

Live Bingo Network Sites

Since its launch the Live Bingo Network has become a vast collection of websites, we’ve chose a couple of the best ones connected to it and what sort of offers you’ll run into in each of them.

Although you may notice that some of them are fairly similar they’re all still equally great.

Buttercup Bingo:

This fun farmyard site has a great reward system that gives you £15 free just for signing up. When you drop cash into your account you’ll be given a 350%, 250% and 300% bonus spread across your first three deposits to give you more bangs for your bucks.

They’ve also got a couple of great jackpots to win as well as a referral scheme that gets you a £10 Amazon voucher for every friend you bring in.

Lucky Touch Bingo:

Catering to everything superstitious about luck this site has a £10 no deposit offer as well as a 500%, 350% and 300% bonus spread across your first three top-ups. They’ve also got a great weekend promotion.

Dubbed the ‘Grand Weekend at Bigwigs’, this event runs every Saturday and rewards you with some great prizes for being either one of the top players that win the most games, wager the most or are the top depositors. They’ll also pick 10 members at random to give out another prize.

Have A Ball Bingo:

Sporting a brilliant bingo ball theme this top site offers you a £15 no deposit deal as well as the familiar 350%, 250% and 300% bonuses across your first three deposits. They’ve also got a quiz you can play between your favourite bingo 90 ball or 75 ball games to win free tickets for other rooms.

Booty Bingo:

With an adventurous pirate theme this site pulls you on board with £15 free when you create an account. Then when you fill up your account with treasure you’ll get a 350%, 250% and final 300% bonus on you first few deposits with the site.

Are There Any Differences Between These Sites?

Obviously from the promotions alone you can see that these sites are fairly similar, in fact even their various online slots and other side games are the same.

But there are differences and where they differ is in their designs, each site has their own unique approach to style. For example, Booty Bingo is all about pirates and sailing the seas whilst Lucky Touch Bingo is about being lucky in your gambling as they use clovers and horseshoes.

Because each site can exert their own creative control over their styles they make themselves unique to try and pull in more players than their sister sites.

With the Live Bingo Network continuing to flourish every day it’s definitely going to be fun to see what other great bingo sites they add to their collection next!

Neteller Bingo Sites

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The online payment industry saw an explosion in development in the last few years as different e-wallet systems began to appear and one particular brand that’s been managing to do quite well for itself is Neteller.

What Is Neteller?

Neteller is essentially an online payment system.  It’s an e-wallet that acts fairly similarly to PayPal as you can transfer cash into and out of a secure online account in a simple and fast method.

What Are Its Advantages?

When you pick this as your main choice of managing your payments you’ll find that there are a wealth of benefits to take advantage of.

For starters Neteller allows for instant transfers and all your transactions will be kept safe thanks to their Neteller secure online payment system that uses several solid servers that guarantee to keep all sensitive information and cash safe.  It also means that you don’t need to continuously enter in your debit or credit card details.

PayPal Comparisons

Of course there are a lot of comparisons that can be made to PayPal since both provide instant transfers, secure servers, compatibility with a wide range of sites and mobile apps with the PayPal app being a fairly recent addition to the franchise.

But there are a few differences between them.

For starters Neteller does charge you interest fees for transferring cash from your bank account as well as a cash handling cost for casino site withdrawals that you make.

Also PayPal is not without its problems as its biggest one is that your account can be locked and the funds withdrawn without warning. To unlock it again you have to go through an identification proofing process that can take quite a long time.

What about Alternate Payment Options?

But if you’re not completely sold on Neteller you could always try another system like Ukash for example. They use vouchers that all come with special codes on them and each voucher is unique so they’re borderline impossible to compromise.

They can also store large amounts of cash and can be bought either in a store or online depending on which is easier for you.

However, they have one flaw and that is if you misplace a voucher you’ll need to get a new one sent out because as soon as the code on your old one is redeemed your cash is gone for good.

No Deposit Sites That Use Neteller

Neteller no deposit bingo sites have absolutely flourished in the last few years, so we’ve picked out a few of the best ones we could find that are worth sticking some of your cash and time into.

Lucky Touch Bingo:

Over at this luck themed bingo site is a £10 no deposit bonus that’s waiting for you. Then when you make your firs three deposits you’ll be rewarded with a 500%, 350% and 300% bonus.

Bingo Diamond:

Joining this site will land you a no deposit bonus of 15BBz. Then when you make your first deposit you’ll be given a 300% bonus and 10 free spins on Immortal Romance, on your second you’ll get a 150% bonus and 15 free spins on Gold Factory.

Then for your third deposit you’ll get a 200% bonus and on your fourth you’ll be given one final 250% bonus.

Wish Bingo:

Over at this Arabian Night inspired site is a £10 no deposit bonus waiting for you to take as well as a 250% bonus when you make your first account top-up.

Neteller is one system that’s done incredibly well for itself; it will likely be around for a long time to come, so if you’re interested in starting off with a new e-wallet then check out Neteller.

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Fluffy Favourites without Depositing

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What we want to do for you now is go over a few bingo destinations that provide ways to play free — that is, before you deposit any cash in your new bingo fun account. This kind of offer is commonly referred to as a ‘no-deposit’ bonus of cash or bingo credits. It is offered as a precursor or trial run before you have to make a money commitment. Sometimes it means that you have access to a reserved free room as a new member.

NOTE: Sometimes you may be asked to register a way to pay, although it is not billed until you decide to deposit something. Another benefit of the following sites is the way they offer a furry and amusing side-game slot called Fluffy Favourites. The Fluffy Favourites with no deposit bonus of £10 will get you started as you play this slot with 5 reels and 25 paylines. The hot tip for spinning this one is the Pink Elephant symbol.

TIP: When you spin 3 or more Pink Elephants then you enter the free games round (tripled wins); also, if you have a Pink Elephant as a wild symbol in a winning pay-line then your win is doubled.

Wink Bingo

Wink is a mainstay of the hottest bingo available today and is favoured by millions. Aside from its 250% bonus on your first deposit, plus a shot on Spin the Wheel worth at least £15, you have valuable access to the preferred Newbies Room. We think this is a great idea, because it gives everyone a fair chance to go round their own learning curve without getting fleeced by experienced players. Wink offers plenty more specials including tournaments, team bingo, progressive jackpots — the list is long.

Bet365 Bingo

When signing up with Bet356 Bingo there’s £1,000 in Free Bingo prizes to be won, a £20 Slots Bonus and a £20 Bingo Bonus up for grabs. We really like the handy and quick controls that this site gives you for getting your card dialed in the way you want it. You can choose the variety of bingo (75, 80, 90 for instance) along the top and then filter the ticket prices in the middle. All the compatible rooms will show up. There are many other specials, including Super Free Bingo, the Bargain Bingo Room and the Mojo Lucky Dip.

Tasty Bingo

The way it works at Tasty is tasty indeed: you get £10 free when you deposit and meanwhile collect your 200% bonus (on £10 to £100). There are plenty of free bingo opportunities here. On top of that, on-going excitement exists in this community, with its live TV channel for extra kicks and giggles. Look for 50% top up bonuses, or doubled chat points in Cheers Room, for instance. We have seen Tasty do crazy things with its prizes such as give away delectable wines and chocolates too.

Bingo Hollywood

You can experience the glamour and excitement of Hollywood when playing at this colourful and attractive online bingo site. The site offers new players one of the biggest welcome bonuses around – deposit any amount between £5 to £100 and you’ll get three times your money! They also offer an extremely generous re-deposit bonus of up to a massive 100%. With a fantastic range of games for players to choose from and a long list of on-going promotions, there is something for everyone – whether you are a novice or an enthusiast you’ll love the glamour of Bingo Hollywood.

Fluff Yourself Up

If it’s your preference to try out a bingo site before laying out any dosh, and you would like to know that the site offers cool side-games, like Fluffy Favourites, then the choices above will be right for you. With its assortment of stuffed-animal characters, this Fluffy slot arcade can be a relaxing break between bingo sessions and it too offers some huge cash prizes. With the sites that are mentioned above, you can get access to Fluffy Favourites without depositing so you don’t have to worry about spending a penny until you’ve found your feet and know exactly how the game works.

Immortal Romance without Depositing

Immortal Romance is not for lovers of shiny-happy, cartoony slots. This one is definitely for punters with a taste for the macabre, who may lie tragically romantic plots. You see, this is not just a slot: this game aims to seduce you!

About Immortal Romance

With 243 pay-lines (we love that) and 5 exciting reels, jackpots can get quite big on Immortal Romance. The jackpot can reach 60,000 coins. You can also rack up 25 free spins (a bonus round called the Chamber of Spins). There are four characters in Immortal Romance (loosely based upon the concept of the Twilight TV show), and they direct the game-play, including screen designs and bonus rounds. Microgaming, the world’s most established maker of online casino software, has managed to make a slot machine with the theme of mortality and vampires! It is a dark affair indeed, so beware. It has created over 600 game titles by this point.

Where to Spin Immortally

Now, what we want to focus upon is how to play Immortal Romance on a no-deposit basis, that is, before putting any money into your new bingo account. This kind of benefit usually comes as free cash in your account, in-house credits, free cards, chances at a prize or free spins on a slot like Immortal Romance. The following mini reviews will give you a sense of some top offers available, if you want to have your bingo spiced up with a slot side-game that’s charged with a sexy drama of life and death.

Butlers Casino

The no-deposit offer from Butlers is a solid £10. That’s plenty to play the quality Microgaming bingo alongside its Immortal Romance slot at Butlers. The ongoing bonuses, once you’re sure about being a member and playing here regularly, will keep you interested: 300% bonus on your first deposit. 50% reloads daily, weekly and monthly specials. [Read Full Review]

32Red Bingo

32Red is a red-hot online casino, but did you know about its bingo division? 32Red Bingo is competitive with its £10 free no-deposit cash to you, and then a fatty £32 (ha!) bonus match total after your first £10 outlay. Ongoing benefits are strong at this slick bingo destination, 25% on every normal deposit you make. Don’t miss the big £10K jackpot every month, nor the £1,500 monthly Megapot. We happen to prefer its clean lines and confident reds to Butlers’ old-school look-and-feel. But if you’ve been in the game for a while now, then you’ll probably enjoy visiting your Butler account’s homey appeal, too.

Fall into Hopeless Love

Immortal Romance is a game that seeks a balance between relentless, high stakes slot action (243 paylines will keep you busy) and a dramatic plot in the background. The bonus spins rack up for each of the four characters individually. We’re pretty confident you will get bitten by the combination of great online bingo with a particularly eerie and mysterious slot.

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Bingo Promotions

Latest Bingo Promotion offers

Online bingo has the power to keep you glued to your seats. Apart from the great design, amazing sound effects, chat rooms, and rewards, another exciting feature that makes online bingo popular are the bingo promo codes that help you get extra bonus when making your initial deposit. Some sites offer the bingo promotion codes openly on the web while for others you may have to indulge in a bit of treasure hunting. Here are some sites for which you can get some bingo promo codes and hopefully make some extra cash!

Ruby Bingo is a remarkable UK no deposit bingo site, worth trying. Players will get a free bonus, without any deposits required of £16. Each new player will get the free bonuses after signing up. Furthermore, you will be able to receive 300% as a welcome bonus. Ruby Red offers games like Cabaña Café, Liberty Lounge, and 90 Ball bingo. Through a partnership with Inside Bet, Ruby Bingo offers a terrific bonus of $120 with a match value of 110%.

Gone Bingo is an amazing no deposit bingo UK site that offers a whopping free bonus of £15. You will get an outstanding bonus of 300% when you will make your initial three deposits. Furthermore, this bingo site offers you an assortment of bingo games and slot games. It offers some of the hottest bingo promo codes and bonuses such as £15 no deposit sign up bonus, 300% first deposit bonus on first 3 deposits, and 350% reload bonuses.

Tea Time Bingo is a renowned no deposit bingo site that is famous for its enormous bonus offers. It offers a remarkable no deposit bingo bonus to all its new players upon sign up. It offers the opportunity to play loads of fantastic games and win exciting prizes. Apart from the free £15 no deposit bingo bonus, Tea Time Bingo also offers a 200% bingo promotion code that hands out 375% bonus on reload deposits of £100. The exciting bingo promo codes and offers make it a perfect cup of tea that should be sipped with care.

Back2School Bingo – the name itself brings back the memories of school time and if you visit the site, you will see that all care is taken to ensure that it resembles a school. Great entertainment with tricky bingo bonuses and cheeky bingo promotion codes make Back2School Bingo a hit with players across the world. It offers 200% first deposit bingo bonus, 25% reload bonus and a bingo promo code for free, thousands of pounds in prizes, and an amazing guaranteed jackpot worth £500.

Butlers Bingo is another exciting bingo game that offers a free £10 no deposit bingo bonus on sign up. After using up the bonus, players can enjoy a 150% bingo bonus match on the first deposit, and a 25% reload bonus, on up to £100 deposits. The site also offers various weekly and monthly promotional offers, so if you haven’t been there already then you are surely missing something!


Free Bingo Sites

Here’s our Choice of the Top 3 UK Free Bingo Sites:

mFortune Slots

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Big Tease Bingo
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Free bingo sites are really popular with online bingo players. The main reason for this was the recession when people still wanted to enjoy their online bingo games but they couldn’t afford to spend a lot.  There were a number of free bingo sites launched in 2009 and these included Giggle Bingo.

Free bingo has really taken off and nearly all of the big online bingo sites have incorporated the idea of free bingo into their sites. There are free bingo rooms on some sites and these are available in 90 ball and 75 ball bingo games. Another way that bingo sites have cashed in on the free bingo craze is by offer free no deposit bingo and free bingo bonuses.

The great thing about free new bingo sites is that fact that players can win real cash prizes.  The most common prize amount is between £5 and £20 but there are some free bingo games where players can win up to £150.  You will need to check the bingo schedule on your online bingo site to see when the free bingo games will be taking place.  Tickets are usually limited to 96 tickets per player which makes these games very fair.

The free bingo bonus usually comes into play in the chat rooms. Most bingo sites have chat games that run throughout the day and players can win a free bingo bonus which is usually in the form of bingo bucks.  This free bingo bonus can then be used to play the online bingo games on the website.

Free no deposit bingo is another thing that a lot of bingo sites have introduced.  This is usually just for new players to the website and they are given free cash just for signing up for a player account. These new players do not have to enter their credit card details or make a deposit.  They get to test out all the bingo games on the website and when their free cash has been used up they can then make a deposit if they want.

There are a number of bingo sites that are classed as free bingo no deposit no card details sites and the reason for this is that they have dedicated free bingo room where players play as much free bingo as they want.  These free bingo sites include Tea Time Bingo, Bingo on the Box, Gone Bingo and Giggle Bingo.

Giggle Bingo is a dedicated free online bingo site and players never need to make a deposit if they don’t want to.  There are some paid games on this website too where players can win larger jackpot amounts and there are some great monthly promotions available for paying players too.

Free bingo sites have grown in popularity over the past year and there is no sign of this changing.  If you haven’t played online bingo before, these sites are a great choice.  They allow you to see what online bingo is all about without you having to spend any of your own money.

Free Trial Bingo

Free trial bingo and free money ( bb’s)

Free trial bingo refers to money you get from the bingo site after you sign up to the site. Almost all the bingo websites, including UK and USA will give you this free trial bonus which can range between £2 to £15 in some sites. This bonus can not be cash out and can only be played according to the games and wagering laws set by the site.  Some sites will give you the free trial money only for the free bingo room and not to the real money game, as this is more to check if you like the site than actually playing.

Try out the following sites for free:

mFortune Bingo (£5 no deposit bonus)

Tea Time Bingo (£15 no deposit bonus)

free bingo no deposit


You can enter the cash room and participate on the chat games if you want to win real money in these sites and can’t use the free trial bonuswhen you open the no download game you can see a certain balance the site left you to try the games in order to decide if you want to become a money player. You can usually play only bingo with that money an not the side games like slot and video poker.


Play Free No Deposit Bingo

In this age of internet and online social media, many people are converging on online gaming sites.  Entertainment online can be free, yet also allow people to play for money.  Online Bingo has become a very popular trend, much different than the smoky bingo halls of yesterday.  Many such online bingo sites offer free play, without registration, or installing software, and most importantly – no deposit required!

If you like online games, Bingo Bango Boom is an online slot machine freetrial bingo game that allows you to play bingo for free without registration, or to sign up to receive a chance to play for real money.  The game autodabs numbers, which you must then match up to your card in order to win.  Brought by Ladbroke Casino, this game handles bets from 30p to ₤10 with a jackpot of ₤50,000!

Wink Bingo offers a ₤15 free bingo bonus plus a 200% bonus after making your first deposit between ₤5 and ₤100.  Once you’ve done this, they offer a 50% reload bonus for each deposit you make after that.  Amazingly, Wink Bingo has a jackpot of ₤5 million!  With a variety of games and an active chat community, Wink Bingo never fails to deliver!

888 Ladies is yet another  of the no deposit bingo sites promoted by Bingo Hideout.  Cool graphics and bonuses lure players into its colorful entertainments.  888 Ladies offers a ₤10 free registration bonus plus 150% deposit bonus, and 50% bonuses on every ₤20-₤200 deposit after that.  They also offer weekend specials  as well as a progressive jackpot feature for 75 & 90 ball bingo to win.

Another free trial bingo game is 123 Bingo Online.  Providing gameplay for both the US and Canada, this site welcomes players with  a $25 free bonus upon registration and a $1000 bonus offer after the first deposit.  For players who aren’t sure about online betting, this site also reassures players with a 100% cash back guarantee.

For the adventurous gamers craving a free play, no deposit bonus bingo site, Mirror Bingo excites.  Winners play free bingo and win cash every half hour from 12 pm  to 10 pm every day of the week.  Many other casino games are on tap as well, from Poker to Roulette to Blackjack and more.  A ₤10 deposit bonus starts you off with ₤20; they also match your deposits from then on with an additional 50% (up to ₤50)!  At Mirror Bingo, monthly cash prizes of ₤4,000 and a tournament jackpot of ₤10,000 can be won by the top teams – each team having four players.

With so many choices for bingo sites that require no registration for free play, read each sites terms and conditions carefully, to learn what great advantages each has to offer.  New players can experiment with many different sites until they find one that they really like.  This ain’t your grandmother’s game!