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New Bingo Sites 2011

Newest Sites – August 2011

Bingo Cams UK– This is the first site to be launched 2011 and its already giving away FREE £100 no deposit bingo bonus to anyone who registers in advance.  No need to add credit card details or deposit. Just sign up and you’ll get your coupon by e mail.

Following trends in this past year it is most likely going to be a fun filled year with loads of new bingo sites 2011 that are bound to regularly pop up for online bingo players.

The sites have really improved in the quality of the games  by the software buffs who keep ahead of the game, we all benefit by this continuous new advancement in software gaming technology flow that enhances the game play, making it more realistic and interesting, plus we can all rest easy knowing that the sites are getting more and more secure for online payment for  using our credit cards.

Additionally  the online bankers are on their toes as well providing easier and easier methods to help us quickly and efficiently  do our banking for online bingo and other online payments, with all this momentum 2011 new bingo sites are bound to be plentiful each new site coming up with more innovative and unique ideas to make online bingo and other games more attractive for us 2011 online bingo buffs, don’t we all just love to discover new games and  different promotions?

Can We be Inspired by Brand New Bingo Sites 2011?

The answer is a ‘yes’ I must say that the promotions have really been abundant especially the 2011 no deposit bingo sites.

Let’s hope that they will continue to offer new players a generous free chance to play on their site a great motivator to test the online bingo site for free and have tempting reload bonuses on future deposits.

In 2011 new bingo sites are bound to be filled with a variety of interesting games and prizes making almost a guaranteed possibility for each one worth a look, Interestingly mobile phones are becoming another entrance into the casino and bingo games a great inspiration by the developers to keep one amused while one is out commuting or waiting in those never ending queues.

Some on line bakers are promising the possibility of getting vouchers by using your mobile I do wonder what else will be invented it seems as though nothing else can be..I mean what else? But somehow it really is never-ending and for sure competition will be a great motivator for new no deposit bingo sites 2011 to compete with each other, providing better customer service, special bonuses and prizes for those loyal players who just love to stay with the same sites most of the time.

CH hosted games with good chat masters has to be a focal point in new bingo sites 2011, the more initiative that is shown on inventing new quick games with nice little prizes to keep us bingo lovers interested and getting encouraged by the CH makes us want to come back for more again and again. On line bingo sites using Dragonfish have really upgraded the visual display of slots casino and instant win games etc. many 2011 new bingo sites are sure to consider using this software, who will just hopefully keep inventing new stuff.

Some sites have offered part of their profit to charity, with any luck many other sites in 2011 will follow suit making the customers feel as though not only are they having fun playing, but know that some of the well spent money having fun is going to a good cause, I am really looking forward to seeing how our favorite bingo sites 2011 are going to invent new and pleasing ways to make us customers feel taken care of.

Free Scratch Cards Bonuses


free scratch cards bonus

Free £5 no deposit bonus – Click Here

Free scratch cards are all the rage at the minute. The reason for this is the fact that these are instant win games and many have amazing cash prizes. There are even dedicated scratch card sites such as GoScratch and Crazy Scratch. You will also find scratch cards on online casinos and online bingo websites too.


free scratch cards

Get a £5 no deposit bonus at GoScratch

As with online bingo and online casino games you can even get a free scratch cards bonus and some of the websites offer free scratch cards no deposit bonuses too.

Goscratch is one website that offers players a no deposit bonus. When you sign up as a new player you get a £5 no deposit bonus which you can then use to test out the scratch cards that this website has to offer. When you make your first deposit you will also get a 100% deposit bonus too. There are some great free scratch card bonuses that you can avail of and all you have to do is take a look at this websites and see what they have to offer.

Crazy Scratch is another scratch card website that if offering a free scratch cards no deposit bonus. When you sign up for an account here you will receive £5 free. If you like what you find on this website and you go on to make a deposit you will get a 100% cash match bonus up to the value of £200. You can also earn extra cash on this website by referring your friends. For every friend that signs up you get £25. Crazy Scratch also has its very own VIP club and when you get VIP status you have the ability to wager up to £20 in scratch cards and the top prize that you could win is £200,000. There is also a one Million Jackpot that you can win by playing the 3WOW scratch card game.

Other free scratch card no deposit bonus websites include Hopa which offers a £5 no deposit bonus. Players on this website can win up to £1 million and there are over 70 great games to choose from. Scratch2Cash also has a free scratch cards bonus and when a new player signs up on this website they get a £5 no deposit bonus. This scratch card site also has a huge £200,000 jackpot that you could win.

Prime Scratch Cards is another new scratch card site and again they offer a free scratch cards no deposit bonus that is worth £5. When you make your first deposit you will get a 100% first deposit bonus.

free scratch cards bonus

Scratch card games are really taking off and with more and more of them being introduced you will have plenty of great instant win games to choose from. All you have to do is match the symbols to win yourself a great cash prize. There are no deposit bingo themed scratch cards and some great progressive jackpot games too. If these instant win games sound right for you then why not check out some of the websites listed here and see if you can get yourself a free scratch cards no deposit bonus.

Britains Got Talent Bingo

Play Mecca Bingo’s awarded game

The blockbuster TV series Britains Got Talent came to its spectacular conclusion this month with over 16 million spellbound (excuse the pun) viewers glued to the screen for the grand finale. Fortunately for britains got talent fans the action lives on in the mecca bingo britains got talent new bingo room. This welcome good news is a result of Mecca Bingo’s recent partnership with BGT that will allow its members to become part of the dream by taking part in the Mecca’s Got Talent competition the site is hosting.

britains got talent bingoPlay Britains Got Talent Bingo at Mecca

The competition which will be run through a dedicated mecca bingo britains got talent Facebook page, will allow Mecca members, while playing britains got talent bingo,  to showcase their talents, win cash and possibly win themselves a shot in next years Britain’s Got Talent show. The Mecca’s britains got talent bingo gives a unique opportunity for both Mecca and its loyal followers to prove conclusively that Britain does, indeed, have talent and masses of it at that.

To enter the competition Mecca members should logon to the Mecca’s Got Talent Facebook page and fill in the registration form. This page can be easily accessed via the “Enter Here” button on the Mecca’s Got Talent page on their site. Once the registration process is complete members need to go off and practice their acts until they have them perfect. Once they are satisfied that they can take on the competition their videos may be uploaded to the relevant Facebook page.

The competition winner will become the Mecca Star and get to perform live at the final play-off of the Blue Square Bet Premier at Wembley Stadium. In addition to this honor they will receive £3,000 cash and best of all they will automatically gain entrance to the Britain’s Got Talent initial auditions – all with Mecca Bingo red carpet pomp and ceremony of course. This is an absolute once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for would be stars so don’t miss out on this one.

The Mecca Bingo partnership with BGT is another good example of the sites unfailing commitment to delivering top class service and products to its members. This co-operation will mean a definite boost in the class of experience Mecca followers have at the site and is a worthy compliment to Mecca’s already considerable selection of features.

britains got talent bingo

Play Britains Got Talent Bingo at Mecca


Play Bingo at Tea Time Bingo

free bingo no deposit

Costa Bingo

Costa Bingo Bonuses, Promotions and Prizes

Birthdays are unique, especially first birthdays and that is exactly which milestone Costa Bingo has reached this month. Launched a year ago this relatively new bingo site has built up a reputation for outstanding service and products with a dedicated following that bears witness to the fact. Costa Bingo epitomizes the new generation of online bingo sites in its clean easy to use interface and unwavering commitment to delivering what the community actually wants and needs.

The sunny blue and yellow color scheme sported by costabingo may be a little strong for more staid tastes but has found favor among a great many bingo fans as has the site’s ease of use and fast load times. costabingo is a pleasure to navigate with no unnecessary page hopping involved when moving around or looking for specifics. Most essential information is prominently featured on the home page so there is little need to rummage around when you first visit the site.

New members at costa receive a fairly generous initial bingo deposit bonus when first funding their accounts in a 200% match bingo bonus up to a maximum of £300. This first funding also earns the new member entry into the First Time Depositor Freebie game that features a £20 guaranteed jackpot. Reload deposits will receive a 50% deposit match bonus and entry into the Daily Deposit Reload bingo game with a guaranteed jackpot of £15.

Free bingo, the all time favorite of most bingo fans, is freely (excuse the pun) available at in the form of 24/7 free games on offer in an amazing 9 different rooms. Jackpots in these free bingo games range from £1 to £50 which is not shabby at all. No account funding is needed to play these free bingo games and all one has to do to play is to register.

Costa bingo features the obligatory 90 and 75 ball bingo games with several progressives and guaranteed jackpots on the 90 ball bingo games such as:

  • Costa Dreams – £1,500 guaranteed
  • Tequila Double – £200 (x2) guaranteed
  • Cast-A-Penny – £200 (x2) guaranteed
  • Lunch Hour Loco – £200 guaranteed
  • Costa Crazy – £3,000 guaranteed
  • Two to Tango – £200 guaranteed
  • Costa Fiesta – £1,500 guaranteed

Costa Bingo’s promotions schedule is also a full dance card with great events such as the 75 ball Patterns for Prizes promotion where a bingo on the pre-set pattern wins the player great prizes, the Costa Treats event played in the Kiss Me Quick room with up to 20,000 bonus points up for grabs and the Instant Fun promotion which features prizes worth £50. is also spreading the birthday joy around in the form of a mystery gift to each and every one of its members. All you have to do is click on the “Birthday” tab in the lobby, play and wait to see which prize you have won. I don’t know about you but this yearling seems to me to be set to do great things and I’m sure I speak for all the loyal fans in wishing costabingo “Happy Birthday”.

Tastybingo Promotions and Prizes

Tasty Bingo has become one of 2010’s biggest online bingo movers for it’s best selections of games, promotions and bonuses all backed up with solid, friendly and professional service. Never one to let the proverbial grass grow under its feet, tasty bingo is constantly offering fresh goodies for its member’s pleasure, so let’s look at what’s new at tastybingo.

£500 Golden Ball Promotion

In true World Cup spirit tastybingo offers the £500 Golden Ball promotion. Played on their 75 ball game this promotion features a £500 prize played for with £1 cards. The game plays on July 11th 2010 and tickets may be pre-bought. There is no minimum number of cards and a maximum number of 48 for this great bingo promotion. A winner will be determined by the first player to bingo on the Golden Ball pattern.

The £600 Tasty Bingo World Cup

Another soccer fever promotion is the £600 tasty bingo World Cup. This point based promotion will play in four phases, one for each week of the World Cup namely:

  • 11th – 17th June
  • 18th to 24th June
  • 25th June – 1st July
  • 2nd July – 11 July (final round)

In addition to great cash prizes the player that has accumulated the most points will win an England soccer shirt signed by Gary Lineker, the last English player to win the Golden Boot award. Points may be accumulated in various ways:

  • Send in a picture of you at the football.
  • Bingo on the Golden Football pattern.
  • Bingo on the Football Pitch, letter G and clock patterns.
  • For every £1 wagered on bingo games.
  • For every £20 wagered on instant games.

The leader board will clear at the beginning of each round so make sure you get point hunting right away.

World Cup Revenge

If you’re getting a little browned off with the significant other half’s obsession with the football and need to blow off a bit of steam, why not logon to and take part in the World Cup Revenge game. Players that have deposited a minimum of £5 per day get to vent their soccer frustration and collect points by hurling various household objects ranging from a pair of stilettos to a microwave at accommodating targets (Just don’t throw the cat or break windows!).

This promotion runs each day between the 11th of June and the 11th of July and features 5 prizes 10 prizes that range from a Nintendo Wii console and sports package to £10 cash. So let it all out with this great stress busting bingo promotion.

In addition to these new World Cup themed promotions still features its regular promotional schedule which includes favorites such as the £2K Summer Holiday, the Truffle Tray, The £200 Friday Feast, Penny for a Pizza, Hundreds and Thousands, £50 After Eight Mint and Weekend Madness events. These along with the other great games, bonuses and specials should be more than enough for even the most discerning bingo purist to sample the delectable wares at

Deal or No Deal Bingo

Deal or No Deal Game at Mecca Bingo and More

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deal or no deal bingo is pretty simple really, it is the world famous deal or no deal game that has been adapted and integrated so that it can be played in a bingo format. UK bingo sites have taken this a step further and sites such as Jackpot Joy and meccabingo who offer this game, offer it in a slots, pull tabs, scratchie and mobile format as well.

deal or no deal bingo is a game where the player is required to beat the banker. This has been a hit television game show around the world for many years and has enjoyed immense popularity in the UK. It is a simple number game where 26 boxes each contain a different value prize. In the very beginning of the game a player has to select one box which remains unopened till the end.

The aim of bingo deal or no deal game is to try and choose the box which contains the most money, preferably the top prize. Because it is a numbers game, deal or no deal bingo sites find the game to be very popular with players!

Several rounds take place in which the remaining boxes are opened and their contents revealed. On bingo deal or no deal game the banker makes an offer on each box after each round and the player has to either accept it or say No Deal. The longer the big money prize remains in play, the more the Banker is compelled to offer for it.

There are a number of sites in the UK which offer deal or no deal bingo, this is just a brief list, and by no means contains all of them, so let’s start with:

Mecca Bingo

Deal or don’t deal with the banker when you play bingo deal or no deal at mecca bingo, which is a massive brand name bingo site. meccabingo is not only famous online, or because they offer deal or no deal, they are famous because they are the second largest and one of the most active land based bingo operators in the UK.

Ladbrokes Bingo

Ladbrokes is another huge gambling operator in the UK. They operate High Street betting shops by the thousand. But their online bingo site has taken off big time and was awarded the Which Bingo Site of the Year for 2009. They offer this battle of wits known as Deal or No Deal bingo as well.

William Hill Bingo

One of the nation’s favorite bingo sites launched one of the nation’s most popular television game shows on October 6th 2009, when Deal or No Deal Bingo went live at the site.  The famous red boxes, plus the nerve wracking phone call feature in this exciting 90 ball bingo game where players can chat with roomies while they chew their fingernails.

Jackpot Joy

We have already mentioned Jackpot Joy, and the way they have been able to creatively adapt Deal or No deal Bingo, so take a look at them today and if you want this game on the go, register for mobile Deal or No Deal Bingo and never be without it.

A new deal or no deal bingo site that went online recently is Try it out for 5 GBP no deposit bonus. Play for FREE.

Tea Bingo

About Tea and Bingo

Tea and bingo is a relatively new UK online bingo site, only launched at the end of 2009, and a partnership effort between Digital Prophets and Virtue Fusion. Virtue Fusion just happens to be one of my favorite software providers and so Tea and Bingo has become one of my favorite sites. Not only mine however, it is also proving to be a favorite with the UK online bingo Audience.

This site is Licensed in Alderney and UK white listed, and the mere fact that tea and is licensed through Virtue Fusion, lends it all the credibility it needs to be a safe, secure and fair site.

The aim of the owners was to make Tea and Bingo a fully interactive online bingo experience and they have achieved this aim. They offer a veritable feast of promotions, prize, jackpots and loyalty, so check out, you will not be wasting your time.

Review Bonuses at Tea and Bingo

To review bonuses at already shows us that this is a site with a lot to offer. They don’t offer a no-deposit bonus, but they do offer a first deposit bonus which is valued at 100%, up to a maximum amount of £250. This means you deposit the minimum require by Tea and Bingo, and this is £10, and you receive £10 in bingo bonus money. Deposit more and receive more, and reload your account for an additional 50% in bonus funds.

Tea bingo Prizes, Promotions and Loyalty and Other Fun

Jackpot prizes at are too many to count, but deserving of special mention are the daily big linx jackpot games for 50p per ticket, and the monthly Super Linx jackpot game. This has £10 000 in the prize pot and on special occasions there is more than one of these in a month. For example valentines day had £14 000 up for grabs, as did Mothers Day. There are also some Tea-riffic progressive jackpot prizes, and the famous Clover Rollover which currently stands at over £1.53 million!!

There are also bags of bingo bargains to be had and tons of fabulous free bingo games up for grabs, with real cash prizes in these games. Free bingo can be found in both Bing-O-Rama and the Frog and Crown, so have one on them and give your piggy bank a break every day.

The Tea and Bingo Loyal-tea program sees friend referrals earning £5 and plenty of loyal-tea points being given away for playing in musical games, quizzes and other chat games. Peaking of chat – catch up on the latest celebrity gossip in the blog, and interact with the many fun polls they offer.

Find out what the future holds in store for you by consulting with Madam. T. Bag, and she will also provide you with a lucky number for the day. So share a cuppa with her and let her read your Tea and Bingo leaves.

Take part in Friday Night themed events, see what the special of the day is on the Teaandbingo specials board, and play in the Sweet Shop for a pick and mix of bingo tickets from just 1p each.

Click on the banner for enjoyable tea and bingo time

tea and bingo

Ukash Bingo Sites

No Deposit Bingo Sites That Accept Ukash

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Ukash is a very popular method of payment for players at no deposit bingo sites. This is because, unlike many of the credit card and e-wallet facilities it is completely safe to use. Fraudulent transactions at bingo sites with no deposit are very rare as 128-bit encryption is used; this is multiple firewall technology. As a result, many bingo brands have adapted, and there are now hundreds of no deposit bingo sites that accept this payment method.

Late last year the Ukash brand was bought over by the operators of Paysafecard and they’ve made the decision to stop selling these particular vouchers. Players can use up any existing vouchers until the end of October, and you’ll still receive all of the following benefits. When you’re looking for a new alternate payment method try out the Paysafecard, as it operates on much the same system.

Here’s a list of the leading Ukash bingo sites in the UK (you can read more about Ukash and the switch to Paysafecard below):

Lucky Touch Bingo

Lucky Touch Bingo is one of the top rated no deposit bingo sites out there. This great Ukash accepting site offers new players a great welcome bonus, making your voucher go even further. Here you’ll get a 500% bonus on your first deposit, swiftly followed by a 350% then 300% bonus on your second and third deposits respectively.

mFortune Bingo

mFortune offers newbies a fantastic £5 no deposit bonus just for signing up, letting you keep what you win too, meaning the free fun can start straight away! Everyone is also privy to a 100% bonus on their first deposit to the site, instantly doubling your bingo gaming dosh.  Not only this but those depositing using Ukash can look forward to a 10% redeposit bonus on all subsequent deposits to the site.

Bingo Diamond

Roll up to Bingo Diamond for £15 absolutely free just for signing up. Not only will you be able to take advantage of this great no deposit bonus, but you’ll also get a 300% bonus plus 10 free spins on Immortal Romance when you make your first deposit to the site. There are other great deposit bonuses following on your second, third and fourth deposits to the site, as well as a future 50% reload bonus on all subsequent deposits to the site.

What is Ukash?

This is a ready to spend smart voucher with a pin code that is used to make online purchases. Ukash is a great way to control your bingo spend, even if you are playing at no deposit bingo sites.

A 19 digit Ukash code is used so that online bingo players are able to fund their accounts and if you are not happy about sharing your financial details online, a top up voucher (like Ukash or Paysafecard) is the best option to use. Many people who want to participate and play online bingo also do not have credit card facilities so this method of payment allows them to join in the fun too.

These vouchers can no longer be purchased in stores, but try the Paysafecard to get many of the same benefits. Many of the same sites that accept Ukash also accept Paysafecard as a form of payment, and you can buy the Paysafecard voucher in even more retailers.


Ukash is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) as an Electronic Money Institution (ELMI). It makes use of patented technology and online bingo sites benefit from allowing its use as people without bank accounts and who don’t want to give out financial details are still able to make online purchases.

Ukash and Paysafecard vs Paypal

Although both Ukash and PayPal offer a greater and more secure method of money management on bingo sites than debit or credit cards, they are both very different. Whilst neither involves directly giving out your sensitive information, services like Ukash and Paysafecard prove to be significantly more anonymous than PayPal. This is because you purchase these vouchers from a participating retailer with cash, rather than creating an account using some personal information, which is not 100% prone to hacking.

Your unique voucher code is applied online, and your no deposit bingo account is credited without you ever having to transfer from your bank account or supply an email address.

This is great as it means there is no chance of hacking, and unlike with PayPal, your account cannot randomly be frozen. It seems like the ideal option for players worried about online safety. However there are some drawbacks too, such as the fact that these vouchers can be easily lost.

Also, as vouchers must be purchased from a participating retail outlet, you would only be able to buy vouchers during store opening hours, which on top of trekking to your nearest store could prove quite inconvenient and limiting, compared to PayPal which is accessible online at any time. On the other hand though, some players see this as a good thing as it allows them to control and limit their bingo game spending. As Paysafecards are available from even more retailers you may find one closer to home than you initially thought, so switching to this service can come with its own rewards.

128 Bit SSL – Encryption

For those of you who would like to use a credit or debit card or even an online payment method such as PayPal or one of the eWallets to play at no deposit bingo sites. 128 bit encryption is relied on for more online transactions than ever before. Its use is popular, effective and able to maintain online payment integrity. It is important to note that the bingo site where you choose to play needs to also keep their own financial transactions secure.


Whether you choose to pay at bingo sites with no deposit making use of Paysafecard, UKash or credit card, your financial transactions will be secure. Voucher payments add that extra bit of security so players can relax and have a good time, and also enables players without credit card or even banking facilities to join in the fun and games.


Play mFortune Bingo! Be secured – Use Ukash! Grab £5 Free!

Play Scratch Cards Online at

Scratch cards are fun and playing them online is even better as you don’t have to run down to your local shop to get them but play from the comfort of your home. Hopa scratch cards at offers a huge variety of scratch games with unbelievably generous bonuses and prizes. Playing at Hopa is a real treat – the graphics, the games, the whole atmosphere and the fact that this scratch cards site is dedicated almost solely to scratch games online.

hopa co uk

Get a £5 scratch cards no deposit bonus

The welcome bonus is terrific; you get $5 for joining and opening an account so you play for free without putting any of your own money down. If you run a lucky streak it might even take a while to finish your no deposit bonus (free scratch cards no deposit) . That’s not all; a deposit bonus of 100% is given for the 1st deposit so basically you can play almost endlessly using only your bonuses. claim that players can win 1 million Dollars in cash prizes and that is no surprise given the $200,000 you can win if you’re lucky, with just one scratch card. Winning real money in online scratch cards will make your day. This is not the only reason to join hopa.couk, there are great promos and benefits for members as well as a generous referral bonus of $25. Just sign in or login and start enjoying.

At you can choose from a large variety of scratch card games that are divided into 5 categories. The graphics and the complexity changes from category to category. There are sports scratch cards and casino ones, fantasy cards as well as slots scratching cards.. In all of these you can use your free bonus and deposit bonuses to play. Still not sure, there’s no problem, just freetrial until you feel comfortable enough to play for real money and win real cash prizes.

hopa co uk

Get a £5 scratch cards no deposit bonus

Highest Bingo Bonuses

Bonuses are undoubtedly the first things you’ll come across when looking for a new bingo site to sign up to. There was a time when simply offering online bingo games of good quality would make sites popular and appealing to players, but now things have changed with the rise in popularity of online bingo. There are now hundreds of sites out there, all offering various bingo and slot games of good graphic quality. This has of course created fierce competition, and so sites have started battling against each other to offer players bingo bonuses for choosing their site to play on.

There are a few different types of bonuses available, and each is appealing in its own way.

mFortune Slots

Play mFortune!! T&C's Apply.

No deposit bonus

The first and the most popular kind of bingo bonus is the no deposit bonus. This is given to a new player by no deposit bingo sites, immediately after the completion of registration process. This no deposit bonus is free of any charges and can be used by the player on the site, just like real money, to play real bingo games and win prizes. You don’t have to spend a penny to receive this, however you may be asked for card details to confirm your account registration on some sites, though rest assured no cash will be taken at this point.

Bonuses can range from £5 free to £20 on some sites if you’re lucky enough to find ones offering this much. On average, sites on the likes of Live Bingo Network and Ignite brands tend to offer £10 or £15 free which is just enough to sample a few of the different bingo and side games on offer on these sites. Some restrictions usually apply, such as limitations on what types of games you can play. Often there’s a vast choice but no deposit cash cannot usually be spent on progressive jackpot games or specific promotional games. Also, players are usually required to either meet certain wagering requirements or make a deposit before they are allowed to withdraw any winnings from no deposit cash.


Deposit bonus

The second most common kind of bonus given away by online no deposit bingo sites is the deposit bonus. This bonus is given to a bingo player when he makes a deposit of required amount. The bonus is expressed in the form of percentage of the deposit amount and normally ranges from at least 100% to 500%. This bonus amount can be used by the player along with the real deposit amount. This means that with most deposit bonuses, you’re guaranteed to at least double your money right away.

Some sites offer a deposit bonus package – this is particularly common on Cozy Games and Live Bingo Network sites such as Lucky Touch Bingo which offers a total of 1150% in bonuses spread across your first three deposits to a site. This promises more free funds and more value for players.

There are usually less restrictions on games with this bonus, with no limit to what bingo and side games you can spend your bonus on. Also, as you will already have made your first deposit to the site in order to receive this bonus, any wins made can usually be withdrawn after meeting basic wagering criteria.

A good thing about this type of bonus is that because it is a percentage of your deposit amount, you can look forward to more free cash for the more cash you deposit. Look out for caps on these bonuses though as some have a limit on how much you can receive, for example 400% up to £400, which means the maximum you could deposit would be £100 to receive the full bonus potential.

In the view of the comparison above, it looks as though the site which offers a better deposit bonus is better for players who want to play for the long term. A no deposit bonus is just a one-time affair and thus a minor difference in this amount does not benefit the player much. On the other hand, deposit bonus can offer more cash and can sometimes be offered on many occasions.

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