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Progressive Bingo Jackpots

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One of the most exciting things to find on bingo sites are progressive jackpots. Better than your average jackpots, these games usually offer top prizes, but come with a catch – you have to unlock the progressive jackpot first!

You’ll find progressive bingo jackpots and also progressive slots on some sites, which are played and won slightly differently, but the gist is the same – the jackpot progresses until one lucky player wins it!

What are progressive bingo jackpots?

Progressive jackpots in bingo are prizes which start at above the average rate. In order to win a progressive jackpot in bingo you will often have to match all the numbers on your card, gaining a full house or coverall. However it’s not just as simple as that, as progressive games are no average bingo games! Instead, you’ll have to match all of your numbers within a certain number of balls being called, or the progressive jackpot will rollover until the next game, much like the lottery. Often you’ll have to match all of the numbers on your card in a fairly low number of calls, such as less than 35 balls being called. The jackpot prize will keep rolling over and growing until one player can win within these requirements.

How does it work?

Progressive jackpot games usually play out quite regularly so you’ll notice the jackpot climbing steadily on a regular basis. The jackpot is calculated based on the number of players taking part and the tickets they purchase. To start with, the progressive jackpot will have a minimum level, for example say £10,000. From there the jackpot will rise steadily as players buy tickets and take part in each game. Then if one lucky player manages to bingo in the right number of calls, they will be awarded the amount that the jackpot reached when the game began. After this the jackpot resets to its minimum level and the process starts again, ready for another lucky player to win big.

Progressive jackpots vs sliding jackpots

Sliding jackpots are similar to progressive jackpots in the sense that they award a huge prize to fortunate players who can bingo in a certain number of calls. However they do differ slightly as sliding jackpots offer more chances to win big prizes. This is where the prizes slide down on a scale, so if the bingo can’t be met in say 30 calls, there will be a slightly lesser prize offered for the player who can bingo in under 35 calls, then a lesser prize if it’s not won in 40 calls and so on. In this instance a guaranteed prize will be awarded, usually much lower than the top prize on offer, but still more than you would be awarded in a regular game. In this instance this can be seen as a better bet than progressive games as there will be a guaranteed winner of a guaranteed minimum amount in each game.

However on the other hand progressive games are usually played much more regularly, and still offer regular win prizes for players.

Where to play progressive jackpot games

There are many bingo sites with progressive jackpots but here are just 2 of the best to play on:

Costa Bingo: Play the Costa Bingo progressive jackpot games and get £5 free to play with when joining this site – what more could you ask for?

Wink Bingo: Sign up to Wink Bingo and not only can you take advantage of their progressive bingo games, you’ll also get a 250% welcome bonus plus a spin of the prize wheel to bag up to £1,000 extra.

Immortal Romance without Depositing

Immortal Romance is not for lovers of shiny-happy, cartoony slots. This one is definitely for punters with a taste for the macabre, who may lie tragically romantic plots. You see, this is not just a slot: this game aims to seduce you!

About Immortal Romance

With 243 pay-lines (we love that) and 5 exciting reels, jackpots can get quite big on Immortal Romance. The jackpot can reach 60,000 coins. You can also rack up 25 free spins (a bonus round called the Chamber of Spins). There are four characters in Immortal Romance (loosely based upon the concept of the Twilight TV show), and they direct the game-play, including screen designs and bonus rounds. Microgaming, the world’s most established maker of online casino software, has managed to make a slot machine with the theme of mortality and vampires! It is a dark affair indeed, so beware. It has created over 600 game titles by this point.

Where to Spin Immortally

Now, what we want to focus upon is how to play Immortal Romance on a no-deposit basis, that is, before putting any money into your new bingo account. This kind of benefit usually comes as free cash in your account, in-house credits, free cards, chances at a prize or free spins on a slot like Immortal Romance. The following mini reviews will give you a sense of some top offers available, if you want to have your bingo spiced up with a slot side-game that’s charged with a sexy drama of life and death.

Butlers Casino

The no-deposit offer from Butlers is a solid £10. That’s plenty to play the quality Microgaming bingo alongside its Immortal Romance slot at Butlers. The ongoing bonuses, once you’re sure about being a member and playing here regularly, will keep you interested: 300% bonus on your first deposit. 50% reloads daily, weekly and monthly specials. [Read Full Review]

32Red Bingo

32Red is a red-hot online casino, but did you know about its bingo division? 32Red Bingo is competitive with its £10 free no-deposit cash to you, and then a fatty £32 (ha!) bonus match total after your first £10 outlay. Ongoing benefits are strong at this slick bingo destination, 25% on every normal deposit you make. Don’t miss the big £10K jackpot every month, nor the £1,500 monthly Megapot. We happen to prefer its clean lines and confident reds to Butlers’ old-school look-and-feel. But if you’ve been in the game for a while now, then you’ll probably enjoy visiting your Butler account’s homey appeal, too.

Fall into Hopeless Love

Immortal Romance is a game that seeks a balance between relentless, high stakes slot action (243 paylines will keep you busy) and a dramatic plot in the background. The bonus spins rack up for each of the four characters individually. We’re pretty confident you will get bitten by the combination of great online bingo with a particularly eerie and mysterious slot.

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Sing Bingo’s weekly Friday tourney

Among the new bingo sites no deposit required, Sing Bingo  stands out, not just for its musically inclined new bingo site but also for its interesting Friday tourney. Sing Bingo is definitely singing a new tune when it comes to innovativeness and ingenuity in tourney games.

If you have not had the pleasure of participating in the Friday marathon tourney games at bingo sing, then you should give it a try. Sign up at SingBingo, one among the new online bingo sites no deposit, if you want to participate in this tourney.

The instant tourney marathon is scheduled for every Friday and kick starts at 08:00am and will go on till 11:00pm. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be playing these instant win games all day long in order to score in the leaderboard. In fact, you only get to play at these games for just ten minutes.

That’s right. You have just ten minutes – definitely a new twist when it comes to tourney games.  You’ve got to make the most of these ten minutes to score as much as you can. Not only will you get the individual prize wins of these games on your wins, but should you be counted among the top ten scorers of the day, you will get a slice of a £500 giveaway at sing

Every week, is giving away £500 in its Friday instant marathon tourney which means every Friday, you stand to win something extra from your instant wins. While the bottom four players get £10 each, player six, five and four will get £15, £20 and £25 respectively and the top three players get £50 for third position, £100 for second position and £250 for first position.

Well, if this sounds interesting and fun to you, then you should sign up immediately with which is among the free new bingo sites today as there is the much coveted no deposit required bingo bonus of £10 to every new player at the site.

Sign up today and pocket your no deposit bingo bonus. With this free bingo bonus in hand you will be able to try out the site and enjoy some free bingo games before the tourney, this Friday.

£10,000 giveaway at Landmark Bingo

Landmark Bingo is a landmark online bingo site with fabulous free bingo games, a whopping £15 in no deposit bingo bonus and now a Christmas special £10,000 giveaway through the mega slots and bingo tourney.

Sign up at Landmark Bingo and get a fabulous £15 as your nodeposit bingo bonus. As the name implies, this  £15 is yours to keep and spend even before you make any deposit at this site. Such no deposit bonus offers are great when you want to check out a bingo site before you make any deposit of your own at the site. At Bingo Landmark, the best part is that along with the huge new player bonus, there is also a spread of huge bingo bonuses on your first three deposits that total up to 750% of your deposits. WOW!!!

Sign up today at LandmarkBingo, not just for your share of these bonuses but also to be part of the fabulous Christmas tourney that is going on at this site till December 25 where there is a weekly share of  £500 to be won, which will grow to a massive  £10,000 on Christmas, to be shared by 67 players.

Visit today and open your bingo account at this site. Then rush to play some bingo games and slots games in order to be in the running for the weekly tourney rewards. Every week, the top five members who have wagered the highest in bingo games and the top five players to spend the most on slots will receive a share of £500.

While the weekly prizes are certainly important, what is of more importance is the fact that you are loading up on your wagers to count among the highest 67 players on Christmas day. For this special draw, your total spends, i.e. bingo spends as well as slots wagers will be taken into account to determine your position in the tourney. And if you qualify among the top 67 players, then you are entitled to a share of  £10,000. Here is how the rewards will be distributed.

  •  £2500 each to top two winners
  • £100 each to next 25 winners
  • £75 each to next 20 winners
  • £50 each  to the final 20 winners

Sign up today and begin your tourney journey to claim your share of this huge giveaway at Bingo Landmark.

No Deposit Bonus on Bingo 770

Bingo770 is a comparatively new online bingo site in the UK bingo market. This site offers a good choice of 75-ball and 90-ball bingo games with a good selection of other games too.

Bingo770 has a very simple registration process that seeks your personal information such as your name, address, date of birth and email address along with the username and password you have chosen. Just fill in these details and you are good to go as you will get a good no deposit signup bonus of £7.70, credited to your bingo account, almost instantly.

After you take a free run of Bingo770, with the no deposit bonus, you can also claim 200% match back bonus on the first deposit bonus you make at the site. There is a 25% automatic bonus that is for every new deposit on the site. If you can invite your friends over to the site and make them join, you will get an additional bonus of £10 for every friend.

There are several contests, promos and other offers, which will let the members win some excellent prizes. This amazing site is available in several languages and some of these languages include French, Spanish and English. This means that players from all around the world get to play at Bingo770.

Even more exciting is the news that you do not have to download anything to begin playing online bingo games at this new bingo site. All the bingo rooms at this site are very vibrant and cheerful with  details such as the total prize, ticket price and the players in each room easily available.

There are mainly 4 bingo rooms at Bingo770, which are Barmy Club, Velvet Lounge, Royal Court and Cloud Nine. The lobby will give you all details about each bingo room, the prizes to be won from each room, the CM on duty and when the next game is set to begin. The best thing is that you can pick up bingo tickets ranging from 5p to 20p at Bingo770, making it another all important reason to sign up with the site.

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Using Credit Versus Anonymous Cash Payment

Using PayPal or another anonymous payment method as your source of funds whilst playing online bingo is a distinctly different experience for the rational region of the brain than allowing vital data like credit card numbers and one’s address to be ‘registered’ by the bingo website. From the consumer’s point of view, online gambling’s intrusion into personal information and identity is a bit of a spoiler of the thrill of the games ¾ would visiting a bingo hall (or a casino) be as fun if players had to register at the door by turning over all sorts of vital personal and banking information?

Could it be that choosing an alternative payment method for certain kinds of services not only protects people from identity theft but also enhances the nature of the respective services? In the case of bingo, in what ways might we expect the experience of the game improved by strengthening one’s indemnity against the possibility of being robbed online (is it easy to picture being robbed at a bingo hall?)?

‘Card schemes like Visa and MasterCard have tremendous muscle and an established infrastructure that means they have an advantage for mobile payments at bricks-and-mortar locations in the developed world’ [1], however, purely virtual forms of spending cash such as online bingo lie in a completely different realm. Bingo websites’ unique space is both financially and psychologically different from purchasing hard goods at actual locations. There is a greater need for privacy protection and limitations upon personal exposure at gaming sites.

PayPal or other cash vouchers (essentially monetary middlemen) act like a firewall around one’s money, but more importantly one’s identity ¾ these forms of payment block both direct e-attacks upon identity and they reduce exposure to un-secure outside databases that can be easily hacked. Just because someone loves a particular bingo website, and its games are top-notch, doesn’t mean that its database servers are immune to commercial espionage. PayPal solves that problem by buffering your identity completely ¾ the vendors remunerated by PayPal on your behalf only know they’re getting paid, because that’s their bottom line. (Bingo websites only ask for all the credit card and identity information to ensure that they will get paid, anyway.)

So when the safety and comfort dimension is resolved and put to the side, why would playing with PayPal bingo cash or a secure voucher system (which is a temporary bank balance unattached to identity) enhance one’s fun, to boot? The question may be posed in two basic scenarios: one, the casual or healthy bingo player who treats it more or less like other forms of interactive entertainment, and two, the serious and possibly compulsive bingo gambler.

For fun-seeking bingo players, for whom the game does not distract or disrupt their normal lives, paying for their online bingo cards without disclosing their normal social credentials (that is, their financials) is simply more harmonious because the amusing experience of bingo compliments the non-invasive way in which it can be bought. This is very simply more like a real bingo hall, yet retains all the convenience (and spatial privacy) of ‘life on the screen’. It would actually be overkill and inappropriate to be asked to provide so much security just for the sake of the online establishment ¾ and yet, the popularity of online bingo will reveal that most people think it is worth that risk, and don’t know that easy alternatives exist. (But that is the sort of brand-heavyweight status that Visa and MasterCard et al have, that alternatives to them might not appear legitimate or, ironically, safe enough.)

The other small advantage to the casual bingo lover is being able to neatly apportion how much bingo cash they have to play from the beginning (by transferring their budget to PayPal or buying that much as a cash voucher). This sort of sensibility may be overwhelmed while in the heat of the games, whereupon even a non-pathological player might be bested by the urge to charge another £10 or £20 on the registered credit card. Although we are talking about only a couple of extra steps necessary for PayPal (but they could in theory be automated by options), the distinct feeling of playing with real cash (not credit) will just appeal more to the fun-loving players; they might also harbour slight indignation at the self-image of getting ‘fronted’ by their credit card companies (as if by loan sharks at the periphery of poker tables).

Now, for those unfortunate players who find themselves with a gambling addiction (and it will increasingly be something not to feel ashamed of, by some accounts, based upon the power that ulta-convienient forms of gambling exert upon the mind), using PayPal to manage their spending and to bring minute awareness of their behaviour while playing could be a god-send.

In fact, customized payment schemes for specific uses may indeed become the wave of the future, using the amazing capabilities of the Internet for increasingly public-controlled financial transactions. The customized payment method might, for instance, have built-in safeguards for those with gambling problems (and perhaps certain communities might pre-program mandatory safeguards and delimiters when accounts exhibit the signs of compulsive playing).

All of these and other contingencies would be well worth the effort devoted by gaming companies, and their industry as a whole, in order to both understand their customers and maintain a higher reputation for online bingo. The era of exploitive marketing or shady privacy standards has effectively been dissolved by people’s rediscovered financial and consumer liberty afforded by the Internet ¾ the only way for online businesses to succeed now is to concentrate upon their customers’ experience rather than merely upon the products sold. This new mandate will make-or-break the acceptability of online bingo, and perhaps online gambling as a whole, as long as they continue to operate in their presently tentative and provisional way (as some communities outlaw them while others embrace them).





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Newest Bingo with Paypal Sites

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Online Bingo games have become highly popular in last few years. The popularity of bingo sites has also increased exponentially due to the acceptance of a large number of secure payment systems including PayPal. Playing bingo with paypal is an excellent way of depositing money on PayPal bingo sites without giving away personal financial details. Read on

Bingo on the box: If you want £15 free money and £60 sign up bonus, you should visit the website of Bingo on the box. This website is truly a bingo player’s delight. Very few bingo sites that accept paypal can actually provide such huge offers for new members. Within 2-3 minutes, you can sign up at the website and start playing bingo with £15! The website offers a whopping cash match bonus of up to 300 percent. Earning more points on the website means that you stand the chances of accidental jackpots held every week or month.

William Hill Bingo: William Hill bingo is a part of William Hill, a famous public company that has been around for a very long time. It is one of the most popular bingo sites that take paypal. Truly a no-nonsense company, William Hill always delivers what it claims. The most special thing about William Hill Bingo is that you can choose the appearance as well as the type of game you want to play on the portal. The website allows scores of customizations that enhance your bingo gaming experience to a whole new level. William Hill bingo is particular known for its jackpot prizes. For a first time player, there are no no-deposit bonuses but they do provide a double deposit match.

Virgin Bingo: Virgin Bingo is one of the popular no deposit bingo sites on the web. Owned by the famous tycoon Richard Branson, Virgin Bingo is a part of the world wide Virgin group of businesses. You can try the software of Virgin Hill bingo for free since a new member is given £1. The website offers a hundred percent cash match with a maximum value of £125. During Sunday Jackpots, you can win huge cash awards. Lucky winner of Sunday jackpot on Virgin Bingo receives a thousand pounds per month for a lifetime! Loaded with 75 and 90 ball bingo game with high end graphics and many other promotional offers like instant scratch cards, Virgin Bingo can deliver a complete bingo experience.

Millions of customers all over the world use PayPal on daily basis because of the superb buyers’ protection it provides. Acceptance of PayPal by Bingo websites is a pleasant move. Check out above mentioned websites to take the maximum advantage of world class online bingo software systems.

mFortune Slots

Play mFortune!! T&C's Apply.

Bingo Beez UK – Review

Bees know where to find nectar, with which they make their golden honey. Likewise, players who have heard the buzz are finding how BingoBeez is a hive of sweet chances to make a tidy jackpot. Why? Let’s start with the first deposit bonus given to new players who register at www.BingoBeez. This welcome gift is an enormous 350%! That means that if you deposit £50 then you will play with £225. If you deposit £250 then you play with £1,125.

Aside from all the other things to point out about Bingo Beez UK, its bonus numbers are almost too good to be true, because they’re certainly some of the most generous out there in the field of new bingo sites. In addition to the whopping 350% cash match (for a limited time, by the way), you get a 75% reload bonus. Look at the numbers: If you were to reload with £60 then you will actually play with £105 — BingoBeez would give you £45 of free play to add to your £60. The hive’s big benefits extend to rewards for referring your friends: you get a 50% bonus, this time 50% of your friend’s first deposit amount.

bingo cams

But perhaps you are a bashful bee. Maybe you are worried about whether BingoBeez is the best hub of activity for your online gaming. There’s a free bingo room where you can sample the system. Upon a simple sign-up, you can enjoy $10 of free cash to test its many halls of bingo (from 30-ball to 90-ball) and its 36 casino games, no deposit required bingo. If you win, you win real take-home money. CashGrade and iPoint users receive $10-$20 in extra bonuses. (There is a long list of banking options, so that you can plan your fun budget conveniently.)

Bingo Beez UK (at is easier to coordinate with your schedule if you are in the UK because it uses Greenwich Mean Time and the pound sterling.

For those avid players who are looking for ways to improve their games and fly with bees of the same stripe, Bingo Beez UK hosts lively chats alongside scorecards. On the other hand, BingoBees makes full use of social media on Twitter, Facebook and blogs such as JustForLadies. By staying alert on its chats, feeds and posts, players can snatch up special promotions and hear the buzz from other players.


Flying around the web site is a pleasure, since it’s loaded with buzzing players and helpful places such as How-To’s for getting started. You can catch news of other players’ winnings along the way. Bingo has carefully built its hive of games and chats so you are always oriented, focused upon the job at hand: to win.

Bingo Beez UK looks made of honey — look closer, and you’re bound to find that it’s full of money.

Get your Bingo Codes for UK Bingo Sites

Bingo Codes UK is a one stop resource for information about the latest and greatest bingo offers online. It is designed for all types of bingo fans, ranging from novices to veterans who search for the hottest bingo offers and introductory bonuses available to them.

bingo codes

Bingo Codes UK makes online bingo fun, exciting and a great place to meet new people. You get chances to win extra pounds with every deposit you make. When you are on the lookout for online bingo offers, the bingo discount codes gives you the best deals and discounts along with fabulous bonus offers.

Bingo bonus codes are offered by almost all bingo sites in order to lure players in. Some bingo sites offer you double the amount of your deposit by giving you a 100% bonus for free. Some sites also offer you a small amount of free cash to start playing, but you might need to spend a certain amount of money over a given period in order to be entitled for such bingo discount codes.

No deposit bonuses are again a type of bingo codes in which you get free money as bonus, as soon as you register. In no deposit bingo sites, you do not need to make any deposit to earn the bonus. However you are still required to fill in your financial details to prevent fraud.

There is yet another type of bingo codes UK called the matching bonus which is one of the hottest online bingo offers which can turn a £15 deposit into £30 by granting you a bonus that matches your deposit amount. The matching bonuses range from 100% to 1,000%. These sites require you to spend more money over a given time period in order to claim the bonus. Matching bonuses are sometimes available online to new players as well.

Butlers Bingo

See if you can imagine this: a no deposit bingo website that gives you the feeling of having a personal attendant who brings you whatever you fancy. Not a bad idea! That’s precisely the winning concept behind Butlers, where you find ‘Online Bingo on a Silver Platter’. Let’s take a look at what this promising motto means, and whether Butlers Bingo lives up to its crest.

Firstly, what would this charming Butler Bingo serve to welcome you as a guest? Just for stepping inside, to be perfectly precise, it’s free bingo no deposit no card details. Hope you don’t mind a rather discrete, direct butler.

Next, ButlersBingo offers you a seat and hands you a £10 (€12) free play gift to whet your appetite for elegant fun. As you sit back and enjoy such lavish service, ready to join the choice company who patronize www.ButlersBingo, watch as your gracious host increases your first deposit by 300%. The wealthy atmosphere here continues with 50% redeposit bonuses. You really do start to feel like a very important person with this posh welcome ceremony.

And there is plenty at your disposal when you join the ‘in’ crowd at Butlers Bingo. In addition to bingo, there are enticing casino games and scratch cards. Don’t be afraid to confide the fact that you are new to playing. There’s a veritable private school of how-to’s and tips on the ‘How to Play Bingo’ page and the FAQ ¾ you see, your staff keeps you well informed. You can even brush up on the history of bingo, unless of course you couldn’t be bothered at the moment because numbers are being called out.

Your new ButlersBingo helpers include chat moderators and the beautiful Astrid the Bingo Girl, who guide you gently to the latest specials and luxury gifts.


When was the last time you had a no deposit bingo website serving you the actual luxuries you want to purchase with your winnings, thereby saving your precious time? For instance, when you win a ‘special luxury surprise’ as a Butlers Bingo patron, then a sumptuous 3-course meal may be delivered to your home town, or you might be treated to a 1-hour massage. Sometimes you’ll just receive £1000 cash in hand ¾ but how gauche to handle money after the having everything brought to you on a silver platter!

Even though Butlers Bingo has only recently opened its doors to those who are in-the-know, or know the right people (that is, other players at the site), its friends on Facebook continue to increase. If you like high society even though you relish your privacy, then you’ll simply love the online community active on www.ButlersBingo. (In case your manners could use a little refining or you’re new to chats, do consult the chat etiquette and glossary by clicking ‘Community’ at the top of any page.)

Soon, the days before you had it so good will be a distant memory. You will feel pampered by the daily, weekly and monthly bonuses showered upon you by this superb new gaming service.