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deal or no deal bingo is pretty simple really, it is the world famous deal or no deal game that has been adapted and integrated so that it can be played in a bingo format. UK bingo sites have taken this a step further and sites such as Jackpot Joy and meccabingo who offer this game, offer it in a slots, pull tabs, scratchie and mobile format as well.

deal or no deal bingo is a game where the player is required to beat the banker. This has been a hit television game show around the world for many years and has enjoyed immense popularity in the UK. It is a simple number game where 26 boxes each contain a different value prize. In the very beginning of the game a player has to select one box which remains unopened till the end.

The aim of bingo deal or no deal game is to try and choose the box which contains the most money, preferably the top prize. Because it is a numbers game, deal or no deal bingo sites find the game to be very popular with players!

Several rounds take place in which the remaining boxes are opened and their contents revealed. On bingo deal or no deal game the banker makes an offer on each box after each round and the player has to either accept it or say No Deal. The longer the big money prize remains in play, the more the Banker is compelled to offer for it.

There are a number of sites in the UK which offer deal or no deal bingo, this is just a brief list, and by no means contains all of them, so let’s start with:

Mecca Bingo

Deal or don’t deal with the banker when you play bingo deal or no deal at mecca bingo, which is a massive brand name bingo site. meccabingo is not only famous online, or because they offer deal or no deal, they are famous because they are the second largest and one of the most active land based bingo operators in the UK.

Ladbrokes Bingo

Ladbrokes is another huge gambling operator in the UK. They operate High Street betting shops by the thousand. But their online bingo site has taken off big time and was awarded the Which Bingo Site of the Year for 2009. They offer this battle of wits known as Deal or No Deal bingo as well.

William Hill Bingo

One of the nation’s favorite bingo sites launched one of the nation’s most popular television game shows on October 6th 2009, when Deal or No Deal Bingo went live at the site.  The famous red boxes, plus the nerve wracking phone call feature in this exciting 90 ball bingo game where players can chat with roomies while they chew their fingernails.

Jackpot Joy

We have already mentioned Jackpot Joy, and the way they have been able to creatively adapt Deal or No deal Bingo, so take a look at them today and if you want this game on the go, register for mobile Deal or No Deal Bingo and never be without it.

A new deal or no deal bingo site that went online recently is Try it out for 5 GBP no deposit bonus. Play for FREE.