Free Bingo at No Deposit Bingo Sites

Cheers Bingo

One of the best things about playing on a bingo site is the fact that you can take advantage of a free bingo offer that will let you get your online gaming fix without having to spend a single penny.

Its main selling point is that it lets you take your chosen site for a test drive first to see if you like it and you want to start depositing cash on it.

What Types of Games Are Available On These Sites?

No deposit bingo sites take a lot of unique and different approach to providing free bingo to their players, here’s a brief overview of the types of games they might have on offer.

Games For New Players-

A lot of websites provide special ‘Newbie’ rooms for their players to join. These special rooms cost nothing to play in, usually have a cash prize to play for and are normally available for the first couple of days or first week of a new player joining. Some bingo sites might let you access this straight off the bat whilst others can ask for a first deposit.

 Free Rooms for All-

This is by far the most popular option for players, the free bingo rooms are normally available at set times during the day and they come with real cash prizes to play for without having to spend any cash. Although, the amount you have to play for isn’t usually that large as at most you could be playing for £10 an hour at most.

VIP Free Rooms-

These rooms are normally open to VIP players only and to access them you have to get your loyalty level with your chosen bingo site up to a specific tier.

Promotional Games-

Running free bingo games as part of a promotion is always a great incentive for players to play, plus they normally come with huge cash prizes to play for or alternate awards like vouchers or gadgets.

No Deposit Bonus

This normally takes the form of free cash or bingo funds to spend on the site when you register an account.

Most of these offers can be accessed by anyone on the site. However, the larger prizes in the free to play bingo rooms usually come with a stipulation that you have to make a deposit into your account within the last day or week in order to take part.

What Sort of Prizes Do They Have?

The best thing about these various free bingo games is that depending on the game, they can contain tons of different rewards and prizes.

For example, in one game you could be playing for a cash prize whilst in another you could play to win a new camera, TV and other electronics.

Bingo Sites with Free Bingo Options

There’re a large number of bingo sites out there with no deposit options, here are three you should definitely try.

Bingo Hollywood:

Your free bingo at Bingo Hollywood option takes the form of seven days of free bingo in their ‘Newbie Room’.

Buttercup Bingo:

This farm-themed bingo site will give you a £15 no deposit bonus for creating an account. You can then spend this free cash on taking this site for a test drive.

Wink Bingo:

This site will give you £10 for free for creating an account to get your fill of free bingo games.

So as you can see, there are plenty of options you can try to get your bingo fix without having to spend any money. Why not try a few of them out the next time you plan on playing bingo?