Amazing Friday prizes at Sing Bingo

Bingo fans, have you checked out Sing Bingo this month? If not, better rush there to grab some exciting prizes in the next couple of weekends as the site has some special promotions to celebrate the return of the X-Factor.

There is a fantastic array of prizes at Sing Bingo for 75 ball bingo games for the month of September that includes a digital camera, Samsung HD TV, iPod Nano and Veho Cuzo HD Camcorder. While the digital camera along with a signed picture of Louis Walsh and the Samsung 19” HD TV along with freeview were given out in the first weeks of September, there is still the iPod Nano with £25 iTunes voucher and the Veho Cuzo HD Camcorder that you can hope to get your hands on.

So rush to Sing Bingo and get your bingo account there. Then immediately look up the X-Factor bingo promotion that is making huge waves among the Sing Bingo fans. The games are played every Friday of the month. For Friday, September 23 the prize is the iPod Nano, while on the last Friday of the month, i.e. September 30, it is the turn of the camcorder.

Make sure you pre purchase your bingo tickets to both these games. You can stock up on a total of 96 tickets if you wish to boost your winning chances here. To land any of these prizes, be the first one to bingo on the musical note pattern in this 75 ball bingo game.

Keep in mind that only one prize is handed out to a winner. In cases where there are more than one winner, the prize reward will be replaced by a cash equivalent which will be not more than 75% of the product value. The cash equivalent of the prizes will then be divided equally among all winners.

So here’s wishing you a successful bingo binge at Sing Bingo. Sign up today and enjoy a £10 bingo signup bonus and a further 200% bonus on your first deposit.