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Do you have a soft side for animals, in particular kittens? Or are you more of a football fan? Either way, the Kitten Ball slot game will have you covered as it incorporates both themes. What’s not to love about a cute kitten running about playing football? Kitten Ball is sure to be a hit with all players as it combines the global passion of football with all the cuteness of little kittens.


In the game there are 5 reels and 20 paylines to play over, meaning there are 20 combinations from which players can win. Each symbol that is present in the game will hold a different value. Some will be much more valuable than others, for instance, the kitten in the same shot as the football holds a much higher value than the football strip with the number 9 on the back. The objective of the game is simple, match symbols to create bigger rewards!


Like all other online slot games, there is right way and wrong to play slot games and there isn’t any general tips and strategies to help players win every time. However, players can enhance their chance of receiving more prized rewards, by playing with bigger stakes. Naturally, the more money that you put in to the game the bigger payout you will get if you win. The minimum bet is £0.20 and the highest bet is £200, meaning that Kitten Ball can accommodate all playing styles and budgets, but it may be a good idea for players to play with more money every once in a while to aid with the possibility of receiving bigger winnings, the bigger the play, the higher the pay!


The bonus features that Kitten Ball incorporates will be like nothing players have seen before. The basis of the features is purely to do with the theme and they have been structured in a very innovative, yet brilliant way. On the top and bottom of the reel you will see a kitten with the ball at their feet. They will dribble 1 space each time the player lands any win a lie bet. The kitten on the top of the reel will move one space when combinations are won from left to right and the bottom kitten will move when it comes from right to left. Oh did I forget to mention that wins can appear from right to left as well? When the kitten eventually reaches the goal and inevitably scores, players will be rewarding with 5 free spins. Although classic features such as wild and scatter do not appear, that should not take anything away from the incredibly well-crafted additional perks Kitten Ball includes.


The main reason that this game will prove to be so popular is due to the theme. Players will see a football stadium in the background; this is the stage where kittens will take to as they help you win big the prizes on offer. The cuteness is bursting out of the little strips that the kittens are wearing. Players will see 5 different cats, wearing different strips, but ultimately they are all trying to score into the same goal and win the players some money. The game does a great job of using the popular theme of football to spin it in to a more generic theme that can be enjoyed by all slot players!

Overall, Kitten Ball is an excellent slot game, with a great innovative feature of the free spins. Also the fact that it pays right to left, not just left to right, will encourage more players to play this game as it presents more opportunities to win

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