Lucky Clover Slots


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Not a lot of slot games still use the classic slot machine look, some try but they don’t pull it off very well. But one slot game that manages it particularly well is Lucky Clover Slots, featuring fun gameplay and an inspiring design; Lucky Clover Slots prides itself as being at the top of the class.


The design of this game is absolutely brilliant; it’s been made with the idea of making the perfect replica of a slot machine. From the bright and slightly clustered display, to the various flashing symbols when you hit a jackpot and the random plink of electronics when you press buttons to spin or alter the game.

It all adds to this great feeling of immersion that mixes well with the hum-drum of generic background noise, painting a picture that you’re there in a bar somewhere, cranking away at the machine


The Lucky clover slot game is easy to play, it’s different from your standard slot game as it features three reels and only five paylines, It the same as a classic one-armed-bandit slot machine. Like these machines, the goal of the game is to get three matching symbols in a line on the reels, when you landing a matching set, the subsequent payout amount for those symbols are shown on the games onscreen paytable.

There’s a fair amount of gameplay customisation available as players can alter the amount of lines being used and the amount of coins being bet per spin, players can also change the coin size from the £1 maximum to 0.05 pence minimum. These amounts can be changed by using the onscreen (-) and (+) symbols to increase or decrease the values at will.

‘Spin’ will start the reels turning at lightning fast speed and there’s an ‘Auto Play’ function that will run the reels for a set number of turns for you or until you activated a bonus. The Lucky Clover symbol is Wild in this game and can replace all other symbols in your winning combinations.

Landing one or two of these interesting symbols in your winning combination will also add a 2x multiplier to your winnings, plus land six of the clovers on the reels to win the current colossal progressive jackpot.


A good tip for this game is to keep initial wagers relatively small to get the most mileage out of your money, sure you could set everything to max but you’ll probably blow through all your money before getting any return.

Finally there’s the golden rule of gambling, learn when to walk away. Set yourself a limit and once you hit it, stop, don’t try to win more money back.


Unfortunately Lucky Clover doesn’t come with any free spin rounds or special bonus modes, it has the progressive jackpot and that’s your lot. But on the positive side, some versions of this game can come with a progressive jackpot that can reach astronomical levels.

Where to Play

There are countless websites in which you can play the fun Lucky Clover slots. So rather than have you crawl around the web searching for a decent place to play it, we decided to finish up our Lucky clover slots review with a recommendation of two of the best websites to play the game on.

Lucky Touch Bingo:

Lucky Touch Bingo is a great place to start for any budding Bingo fan. They have a unique 1150% Welcome Bonus that has been split up into three different bonuses across three deposits. Deposit a minimum of £10 or more and you’ll get a nice 500% bonus on that first deposit, put in another £10 or more again and you’ll be rewarded with another generous 350%bonus. A final deposit of £10 or more on your third deposit will land you a final 300% bonus on your deposit. [Full Review]

Tea Time Bingo:

Signing up for an account with Tea Time Bingo will give you £15 free straight away with no deposit required. But if you put in £10 or more, you’ll get a 200% Welcome Bonus on your first deposit, plus you’ll also get a 400% bonus on every subsequent deposit using their special ‘Reload Bonus’. [Full Review]

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Tea Time

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