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As players we like to be able to do everything from just one mobile device; we want to be able to play, withdraw and deposit without having to go hunting for our credit cards. The future of alternative payment methods seem to be leaning towards depositing by phone bill as there are no credentials required.

How Does it Work?

Setting up a mobile phone bill payment is easy and secure, which gives you peace of mind when you play online. These spends are capped as the service is intended for smaller payments, but you can still deposit more frequent, smaller amounts which can help you keep track of how much you spend online.

You only need to authorise the bill with your mobile phone provider and then it will be added on to your monthly phone bill. If you are on a pay as you go service you can still take advantage of this by topping up and spending the money on deposits.

The service is free of charge so they won’t add any extra fees on without your knowledge and it makes online bingo much more convenient. Instead of trying to remember passwords or find your purse to get your credit card you can do it all in a few taps from your smartphone.

What are the Benefits?

This is a secure way to pay that doesn’t let any merchant see your payment information, protecting you from fraud.

Entering your card details on a site leaves you open to scammers and hackers, if the payment isn’t secure enough, but paying with your phone eliminates these risks. You get to make your payment through your trusted phone company, knowing that they alone will have access to your bank details.

As we’ve mentioned it’s also more convenient, you can just pay in a few seconds without needing to find your card. You just need to remember your pin that you’ll set up with your phone company, which also keeps your details safe if your details are lost or stolen.

Phone Bill Payments Vs. PayPal

These payments can be better than PayPal as you don’t need to enter your card details onto the PayPal site, which keeps it more secure. If you’re a player who doesn’t want to enter their card details anywhere on the internet then this is the alternate payment method for you.

You also won’t need to sign up or remember a username and password combination, ideal for the forgetful players among us. This is also more secure as anyone can try to guess your password but they’d need to have your phone to even try to crack the code.

Phone Bill Payments Vs. Paysafecard

The main advantage to paying by phone bill is the convenience, whereas with a Paysafecard you need to go out and purchase a voucher.

You’re also offered more protection with paying by phone bill as if you lose your Paysafecard anyone can redeem your funds, and there’s no way to get them back. If your phone goes missing you can rest assured that whoever finds it can’t charge your phone account this way as it’s protected by a pin.

No Deposit Sites with Pay by Phone Bill Option:

If you’d like to try out this method of payment but want to try a site before you commit your cash then we recommend taking advantage of mFortune’s no deposit bingo bonus. They’ll give you £5 to spend on the site when you sign up and you can use this on their fantastic games. You’ll also get 100% first deposit bonus up to £100 when you make your first payment on your mobile.