New Bingo Sites

New no deposit bingo sites can be some of the most exciting places to play bingo, as well as offering great value for your bingo buck! We explore the best options: new bingo sites with no deposit bonuses that also offer fantastic game play and secure banking too.

Top 3 New No Deposit Bingo Sites

For starters: brief reviews of some of the best new bingo sites, no deposit necessary:


1. Lucky Touch Bingo – Get £10 FREE, just for joining!

Lucky Touch Bingo gives you bonuses galore so that everything you touch will turn to gold. You get a MASSIVE no deposit bonus, and a whopping 1150% bonus on your first 3 deposits!  [Read more…]

2. Bingo Hollywood – Play 4 FREE, no deposit!

At Hollywood Bingo YOU are the star and you will definitely feel like one!! Take a 300% first deposit bonus to begin with, and a whopping 75% bonus on redeposit!! You’ll SEE stars 🙂 [Read more…]

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3. Wink Bingo – Deposit 10 Pounds Play with up to 1,000!!

To start with, Wink is not a new bingo site. But, it has recently been re-designed, and now gives away a bigger bonus. Plus, it offers a new and unique bonus scheme which is already being copied by other sites. When you deposit £10 you get 250% deposit bonus on the spot. You also get to ‘Spin the Wheel’ and win an additional unheard of bonus £15 – £1000. Wink might not be the newest bingo no deposit bingo site but for sure one of the best online bingos. Top games, high bonuses and crazy jackpots are waiting for you.  [Read more…]

All of these sites will let you play bingo for free. There are also other games, such as chat games, instant games, lotto, and more. Each site also gives out some great, lucrative prizes, so you’ll have plenty of chances to win money!

Free-trial a Bingo Site Before You Deposit

The best incentive that any online bingo site can give new members is the no deposit bonus. This bonus gives players a chance to try out the games for free before making the decision to stick with the site or not. The bonus usually comes in the form of free play money that is placed into the new player’s account after they sign up. The amount varies from site to site, and most of them give the free play money to UK players, although a few also give it to US players as well.

New bingo sites with no deposit know that they must give out free bonuses if they want to compete in this huge industry. As such, there are quite a few new no deposit bingo sites popping up on the web regularly. If you want to play for free, then you’ll be glad to know that you can give new sites a try thanks to no deposit bonus offers. But which of the new websites should you try? Which ones are worth signing up for?

New No Deposit Bingo 2016

One feature of the online bingo landscape as it exists today is a noticeable decrease in the number of sites that still offer no deposit bingo bonuses. This is largely the sad result of bonus hunting and general abuse of the system and is a sorely missed feature when found to be absent.

Best NEW No Dep Site
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There are, however, new no deposit bingo sites 2016 has seen go live that still offer this highly sought after feature and hopefully they will encourage others to follow their example.

The no deposit bonus is basically a no obligation good will gesture on the part of bingo sites towards new members. These bonuses are usually fairly small, typically in the £10 – £20 range, and are usually credited to the new member once the registration process is complete and an account has been opened.

They require no funding of the account and represent true free site play.

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What Can We Expect From Bingo Sites Next Year

Since the gambling industry is constantly changing the various bingos sites we all love to play on have to change along with them in order to keep up with cool new features for their players. But what exactly will this involve?

Well for starters the new bingo sites 2016 will bring about might contain larger no-deposit bonuses. Already some sites will give you anywhere from £2 to £15 to try out some games, perhaps the sites coming around in 2016 might have even larger no-deposit bonuses. Maybe we’ll see them hitting the £20 or even £30 mark.

Perhaps we might see sites appearing in 2016 that cater solely to no-deposit bonuses, they could you several chances to claim a no-deposit bonus without having you spend any of your cash.

In a time where we have to watch what we’re spending these sites will undoubtedly be popular as everyone will love being able to play games without having to spend anything. Plus it will also help to stem the tide of Facebook bingo games and free bingo apps that a lot of people are playing as an alternative to signing up to a site. Having larger no-deposit bonuses will help to lure over those players who prefer to play these free games.

But that’s not all as we’ll also definitely see new bonuses for anyone making a deposit. Obviously we’ll have larger deposit bonuses, but we might also see additional prizes for making a deposit. Just like how Wink Bingo and Elf Bingo let you spin a wheel to win guaranteed cash prizes, we might see these guaranteed cash amounts increase even further.

For example their lowest payout could increase from £15 to £20 or even £50 and their maximum might reach into the £4,000 or £5,000.

Although that’s merely speculation, but there is definitely one thing that the new bingo sites of 2016 will have and that’s a wider range of things to play them on.

Already we can enjoy playing on bingo sites on a large range of devices from PCs, Macs, iPads and even Kindle Fire. Plus with the improvements in mobile technology we can also play our favourite mobile bingo games using iPhone, Android and Windows Phones.

However, although we can play games on a large range of devices now there are still compatibility problems with certain phones and different bingo websites and apps. Although this is mainly confined to the older models of mobiles and certain Android devices.

But since this is quite a prevalent problem in 2016 we might see a ton of improvements to the software of these bingo sites which could result in websites that are normally unstable on certain devices becoming universally compatible. This means that when you’re picking a bingo site to play on you won’t have to worry about your device crashing or refusing to load up any games.

But the technological improvements won’t end there because ever since Apple announced their smartwatch bingo fans have been eagerly expecting the chance to play their favourite bingo games on these new watches. Although there hasn’t been any confirmation that this will happen there is no doubt that the bingo sites we’ll see appearing in 2016 will allow you to play using your watch.

Just imagine tapping away on your wrist as you play your favourite bingo game, you’ll feel like a spy on a secret mission as you use this cool piece of new tech to land yourself a couple of cash prizes.

Great New Sites without Free No Deposit Bonus

As mentioned some new sites that have made their appearance this year have re-instituted these bonuses. Meanwhile, sites like Tasty Bingo have paved the way for a new era in the field of deposit bonuses with a deposit bonus and extra free cash on top (as well as free bingo games you can play without depositing). Meanwhile Big Brother Bingo has launched with a crazy ‘Stairway to Swag’ promo in which you can win some free money without depositing.

This variety in welcome gifts is the kind of breath of fresh air that these new sites are bringing to an industry long steeped in stagnant traditions.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind when considering new bingo sites no deposit is the fact that many sites, although not offering a formal no deposit bonus, do offer extensive free bingo opportunities to funded players and this gets the job done just as well. Once you get used to the ins and outs of online bingo it becomes easy to spot free bingo opportunities and, after all, sites are joined to play pay games so free play after depositing isn’t so bad after all.

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