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One of the most exciting things to find on bingo sites are progressive jackpots. Better than your average jackpots, these games usually offer top prizes, but come with a catch – you have to unlock the progressive jackpot first!

You’ll find progressive bingo jackpots and also progressive slots on some sites, which are played and won slightly differently, but the gist is the same – the jackpot progresses until one lucky player wins it!

What are progressive bingo jackpots?

Progressive jackpots in bingo are prizes which start at above the average rate. In order to win a progressive jackpot in bingo you will often have to match all the numbers on your card, gaining a full house or coverall. However it’s not just as simple as that, as progressive games are no average bingo games! Instead, you’ll have to match all of your numbers within a certain number of balls being called, or the progressive jackpot will rollover until the next game, much like the lottery. Often you’ll have to match all of the numbers on your card in a fairly low number of calls, such as less than 35 balls being called. The jackpot prize will keep rolling over and growing until one player can win within these requirements.

How does it work?

Progressive jackpot games usually play out quite regularly so you’ll notice the jackpot climbing steadily on a regular basis. The jackpot is calculated based on the number of players taking part and the tickets they purchase. To start with, the progressive jackpot will have a minimum level, for example say £10,000. From there the jackpot will rise steadily as players buy tickets and take part in each game. Then if one lucky player manages to bingo in the right number of calls, they will be awarded the amount that the jackpot reached when the game began. After this the jackpot resets to its minimum level and the process starts again, ready for another lucky player to win big.

Progressive jackpots vs sliding jackpots

Sliding jackpots are similar to progressive jackpots in the sense that they award a huge prize to fortunate players who can bingo in a certain number of calls. However they do differ slightly as sliding jackpots offer more chances to win big prizes. This is where the prizes slide down on a scale, so if the bingo can’t be met in say 30 calls, there will be a slightly lesser prize offered for the player who can bingo in under 35 calls, then a lesser prize if it’s not won in 40 calls and so on. In this instance a guaranteed prize will be awarded, usually much lower than the top prize on offer, but still more than you would be awarded in a regular game. In this instance this can be seen as a better bet than progressive games as there will be a guaranteed winner of a guaranteed minimum amount in each game.

However on the other hand progressive games are usually played much more regularly, and still offer regular win prizes for players.

Where to play progressive jackpot games

There are many bingo sites with progressive jackpots but here are just 2 of the best to play on:

Costa Bingo: Play the Costa Bingo progressive jackpot games and get £5 free to play with when joining this site – what more could you ask for?

Wink Bingo: Sign up to Wink Bingo and not only can you take advantage of their progressive bingo games, you’ll also get a 250% welcome bonus plus a spin of the prize wheel to bag up to £1,000 extra.