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The Hunt is a fitting name for a slot game as you are in the hunt for a big payout or even the huge jackpot. The Hunt slot game adopts a wildlife theme, containing some of the kings of the jungle and the most dangerous animals about. If you’re brave enough to journey through the jungle and want to discover the lurking jackpot in the forests and trees then keep reading!


Not like your average online slot game, this game takes a bit of getting used to. For starters there are 8 symbol rows, an unusually large amount. Also there are extended symbols and a few bonus features. Although it looks a little more complex the overall idea remains the same. The size of betting can range from £0.01 to £100 per spin, meaning there is a bet range for all type of slot players. You can also sit back and watch the game unfold itself using the Auto spins feature; were you can control the amount of spins that happen in a row without clicking the start button.


Like all slot games, what you give is what you get basically. The more money you are willing to risk on The Hunt slot game, the more money you could potentially be winning, so we would advise that you play with higher stakes.


This is where this game becomes a real king of the slots. The 8 symbols rows in itself can be classed as a bonus feature. With 8 symbol rows this means more paylines, more paylines mean more chance of landing a combination or even multiple combinations.

The game also incorporates some of the old classic online slot add-ons. The Wild symbol and Scatter are included, and can also help you with your journey of adventure to achieve the big win. The Wild symbol has a standard appearance, pretty boring. But what it can do is not so boring, because it is a stacked card, it can serve as a substitute to more than just one symbol at a time, giving you the chance to improve on your possible prizes. The Scatter features a dangerous looking animation of a Jungle king clawing, reiterating the dangers of the jungle, although what it can do is harmless and exciting. Spin 3 Scatters anywhere on the bored and bag yourself 15 free spins.


The appearance of this slot game is stunning. The animations and graphics are of the highest quality, it’s almost as if you are living among the packs hunting with them as you seek the jackpots. Featuring all the typical jungle animals, Lions, Leopards, buck and antelopes the designers of this game have really done a fantastic job. The colours and background and also the audio all help contribute greatly to the jungle feel of it all.


We enjoyed this game due to its different approach on how it delivers a very entertaining and visually brilliant slot game. It may have different features and a different layout but it still manages to create the same satisfaction as other online slots do on the internet.

Where to play

If you feel like you have it in you to tame the big cats for even bigger wins then The Hunt is available from the following bingo sites:

Tea Time bingo

– Play here with a £15 free no deposit bonus plus play with £50 when you deposit just £10!

Lucky Touch bingo

– If you’ve got the lucky touch, play here with a free £10 no deposit bonus followed by a 350% first deposit bonus and overall 900% welcome package.