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Traditionally when you wanted to play a game of bingo you had to go down to the bingo hall and sit among the dozens of people while a caller drew balls at random. When someone won, they would get their jackpot and congratulations from fellow players, and even some pats on the back. But what about online bingo? Is it real? Are you playing against real people? Are the numbers random? And most important, are the prizes real?

Here are a few no deposit bingo sites in which you can win real money:

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Lucky Touch Bingo – Get £15 FREE

Certainly the bingo sites and online casinos provide many ways to make deposits, offering terrific prizes like jackpots, progressive jackpots, prizes, discounts, holiday packages, and even products. But is it possible to play no deposit bingo and win real money? The short answer is the old axiom “the greater the risk, the greater the reward”.

Many sites offer free play in the form of no deposit bingo bonuses and discounts on cards, tickets, as well as matching bonuses for deposits. It is possible to join a bingo site – yes, they are very real, played by thousands of people every day – with over 357 bingo sites available in the UK alone, and gaining in popularity throughout the world.

It is estimated that players spend £ 600 million per year in online bingo tickets alone. Average bingo aficionados tend to be young women, so this industry is likely to keep growing in the future! So rest assured that you will be meeting people in online chat rooms, hosted by friendly Chat Monitors, providing an atmosphere that is at once welcoming and friendly.

You can join one of many no deposit bingo sites offering a bonus; this means that it’s free to play and when you win, you can win credit towards other games and cards. You can play all day for free and have a great time. Check out the many bingo sites because they offer different types of bingo bonuses. You can use these as opportunities to get to know the software, the interface, and the “feel” of the room. With so many dazzling designs out there, you are sure to find a room that suits you!

Of course the next step is to win a real cash prize from playing. The sites that offer the free bonuses will often give you terrific discounts and deposit bonuses. Once you are assured that you are playing a game with a good group and a good reputation, you can make a small deposit using any number of online payment methods. Now you have the chance to play for pots that are small, large, and even incredible!

To win money in bingo, you usually have to deposit money. But if you look at it wholly, you’ll find that the more you play, the more those free discounts and bonuses add up. When you deposit, you can get matching bonuses and discounts small and large, depending on the site. Couple this with the chance to win jackpots, and yes, that money is very real! If you play, chances are you’ll win at some point. That’s what keeps people coming back to the classic game of bingo – in the old bingo halls, and in the cyber age!

Additional no deposit bingo sites with real money prizes:

RedBus Bingo – £2000 new deposit bonus

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