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One of the best things about Wink Bingo is the fact that within the games library you’ll find some unique games that aren’t available anywhere else, chief of which is the Wink Bingo Jackpot slot game. This own branded slot has 5 reels and 25 pay lines to play across, which makes it sound like a pretty standard affair, but is far from it! There are some fun additional features thrown into this bingo themed slot to keep you interested and hopefully winning big too!


Whilst the way the reels are set up is pretty standard, with 3 rows across the 5 reels, the theme of the game is pretty different. Based on bingo, all the symbols in the reel are relative to the game itself, including things like bingo daubers, a free space square, a bingo ball machine, individual balls and more. The usual slot symbols A, K, Q, J and 10 have been completely replaced in favour of these bingo themed goodies.

How to play

As the reels and game interface themselves are pretty standard, it’s fairly easy to get to grips with what you’re doing here pretty quickly. Players have the freedom to choose how many pay lines in play and how much they wish to wager per line, so it can suit most budgets and playing abilities. Choose the number of pay lines in play by pressing the LINES button and then using the up and down arrows to select an amount. Set your bet per line in a similar way, by firstly hitting the BET button then choosing the up or down buttons to set your wager. There are also MAX LINES and MAX BET buttons which you can click if you know you want to bet at the highest level. Once you’re happy with the overall wager, just hit the SPIN button to begin, or make use of the AUTO PLAY function for faster consecutive game play.


Make use of the max bet and max lines buttons if you want to win big, as betting at the highest amount will yield the highest payouts for each symbol. Also you can make use of the additional gamble feature which gives you the opportunity to double your winnings after any winning spin.


There’s a fun bingo themed bonus in this game, which is activated once all the stars at the side of the game board light up and reach up to the bonus star symbol. Once activated, you’ll be asked to enter an amount to wager. Then you’ll be given a bingo card which can net you up to 1,000 extra coins if you manage to mark off all the numbers within the bonus game feature.

No slot would be complete without a free spins feature, and in this game you’ll have to spin 3 or more Yes! symbols to activate this. Up to 20 free games are awarded in this bonus.

The Wink Bingo jackpot slots game also has another bonus feature which is triggered by landing 3 or more of the Wink Bingo logo symbols anywhere on the reels. When activated, a highlighted panel will appear, and you must then select this to reveal your bonus – either a prize amount or a bingo letter. If it’s the former, you’ll be awarded the prize amount specified and the bonus will end. If it’s a bingo letter then the B-I-N-G-O feature will play, with the chance to bag up to 150x bet amount.


This is one great slot game ideal to ease bingo fans into the world of side games. With fun features not usually found in other games, it’s certainly a refreshing slot to try out.

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