Butlers Bingo

See if you can imagine this: a no deposit bingo website that gives you the feeling of having a personal attendant who brings you whatever you fancy. Not a bad idea! That’s precisely the winning concept behind Butlers Bingo.com, where you find ‘Online Bingo on a Silver Platter’. Let’s take a look at what this promising motto means, and whether Butlers Bingo lives up to its crest.

Firstly, what would this charming Butler Bingo serve to welcome you as a guest? Just for stepping inside, to be perfectly precise, it’s free bingo no deposit no card details. Hope you don’t mind a rather discrete, direct butler.

Next, ButlersBingo offers you a seat and hands you a £10 (€12) free play gift to whet your appetite for elegant fun. As you sit back and enjoy such lavish service, ready to join the choice company who patronize www.ButlersBingo, watch as your gracious host increases your first deposit by 300%. The wealthy atmosphere here continues with 50% redeposit bonuses. You really do start to feel like a very important person with this posh welcome ceremony.

And there is plenty at your disposal when you join the ‘in’ crowd at Butlers Bingo. In addition to bingo, there are enticing casino games and scratch cards. Don’t be afraid to confide the fact that you are new to playing. There’s a veritable private school of how-to’s and tips on the ‘How to Play Bingo’ page and the FAQ ¾ you see, your staff keeps you well informed. You can even brush up on the history of bingo, unless of course you couldn’t be bothered at the moment because numbers are being called out.

Your new ButlersBingo helpers include chat moderators and the beautiful Astrid the Bingo Girl, who guide you gently to the latest specials and luxury gifts.


When was the last time you had a no deposit bingo website serving you the actual luxuries you want to purchase with your winnings, thereby saving your precious time? For instance, when you win a ‘special luxury surprise’ as a Butlers Bingo patron, then a sumptuous 3-course meal may be delivered to your home town, or you might be treated to a 1-hour massage. Sometimes you’ll just receive £1000 cash in hand ¾ but how gauche to handle money after the having everything brought to you on a silver platter!

Even though Butlers Bingo has only recently opened its doors to those who are in-the-know, or know the right people (that is, other players at the site), its friends on Facebook continue to increase. If you like high society even though you relish your privacy, then you’ll simply love the online community active on www.ButlersBingo. (In case your manners could use a little refining or you’re new to chats, do consult the chat etiquette and glossary by clicking ‘Community’ at the top of any page.)

Soon, the days before you had it so good will be a distant memory. You will feel pampered by the daily, weekly and monthly bonuses showered upon you by this superb new gaming service.