Tastybingo Promotions and Prizes

Tasty Bingo has become one of 2010’s biggest online bingo movers for it’s best selections of games, promotions and bonuses all backed up with solid, friendly and professional service. Never one to let the proverbial grass grow under its feet, tasty bingo is constantly offering fresh goodies for its member’s pleasure, so let’s look at what’s new at tastybingo.

£500 Golden Ball Promotion

In true World Cup spirit tastybingo offers the £500 Golden Ball promotion. Played on their 75 ball game this promotion features a £500 prize played for with £1 cards. The game plays on July 11th 2010 and tickets may be pre-bought. There is no minimum number of cards and a maximum number of 48 for this great bingo promotion. A winner will be determined by the first player to bingo on the Golden Ball pattern.

The £600 Tasty Bingo World Cup

Another soccer fever promotion is the £600 tasty bingo World Cup. This point based promotion will play in four phases, one for each week of the World Cup namely:

  • 11th – 17th June
  • 18th to 24th June
  • 25th June – 1st July
  • 2nd July – 11 July (final round)

In addition to great cash prizes the player that has accumulated the most points will win an England soccer shirt signed by Gary Lineker, the last English player to win the Golden Boot award. Points may be accumulated in various ways:

  • Send in a picture of you at the football.
  • Bingo on the Golden Football pattern.
  • Bingo on the Football Pitch, letter G and clock patterns.
  • For every £1 wagered on bingo games.
  • For every £20 wagered on instant games.

The leader board will clear at the beginning of each round so make sure you get point hunting right away.

World Cup Revenge

If you’re getting a little browned off with the significant other half’s obsession with the football and need to blow off a bit of steam, why not logon to tastybingo.com and take part in the World Cup Revenge game. Players that have deposited a minimum of £5 per day get to vent their soccer frustration and collect points by hurling various household objects ranging from a pair of stilettos to a microwave at accommodating targets (Just don’t throw the cat or break windows!).

This promotion runs each day between the 11th of June and the 11th of July and features 5 prizes 10 prizes that range from a Nintendo Wii console and sports package to £10 cash. So let it all out with this great stress busting bingo promotion.

In addition to these new World Cup themed promotions tastybingo.com still features its regular promotional schedule which includes favorites such as the £2K Summer Holiday, the Truffle Tray, The £200 Friday Feast, Penny for a Pizza, Hundreds and Thousands, £50 After Eight Mint and Weekend Madness events. These along with the other great games, bonuses and specials should be more than enough for even the most discerning bingo purist to sample the delectable wares at tastybingo.com.